9th January 1782
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93. THOMAS BISHOP was indicted for stealing, on the 8th of December last, twenty large garden mats, value 12 s. the goods of Henry Hewitt , William Smith , and John Harrison .


I am a nursery man at Brompton ; I have two partners, John Harrison and William Smith ; I lost two bundles of garden mats on Saturday the 8th of December; I set two men to watch, Simon Abbot and David Williamson , a little after nine, and they brought the prisoner whom they had detected stealing the mats.


You was set to watch in Mr. Hewitt's grounds on the eight of December? - I was; on Saturday the 8th of December I was watching from a little after six to about seven; the prisoner went up into a window, to Mr. Hewitt's warehouse; I suppose it is about fourteen foot high; he got up the tiles of a shed, where there are coals kept, and he put out two bundles of mats to take away; it was dark we could not see them; but I saw him go up the shed; then I went to call my master Harrison; he was not in the way; while I was gone he came off the tiles, and my partner took him; I knowed him when he came down again, as he lived at Brompton.


I watched with the last witness; presently after we were on the watch, I was in the shed, the prisoner scrambled up upon the tiles of the shed, and went into a little hatch-door that goes into the warehouse; I saw him go up the tiles, but did not see him go into the door; he brought out two bundles of mats, and put them down on the shed, and laid them so that when he got down he might reach them; I went out of the shed, and secured him; laid hold of him as he was coming down; he made this excuse, he wanted lodgings; this was the very man I laid hold of; he has not been out of custody since; we went and brought the mats back again; I knew they were my master's.


I had been to Wimbledon; I was tired, and went there to rest myself an hour or two; as I was afraid of the dogs there, I did not stand up on the tiles, nor go into the window they speak of; I have no witnesses; they never saw me meddle with any thing of these people's property.

To Williamson.

Were the mats on the shed, or in the warehouse? - They were in the warehouse, not upon the shed.

Jury. Is that the usual way of putting out the mats from the warehouse? - No; it is not.


Tried by the First Middlesex Jury, before Mr. RECORDER.

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