25th April 1781
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265. FRANCIS TIPPIN was indicted for stealing a silk cloak, value 5 s. a linen apron, value 1 s. a silk handkerchief, value 2 s. a linen handkerchief, value 6 d. and an half-guinea and an half-crown , the property of Hannah Gardiner , spinster , April 18th .

HANNAH GARDINER , spinster, sworn.

On last Tuesday was se'nnight, in the evening, the prisoner came to a Mrs. Gibbs's, next door but one to where I lived, and asked for a lodging; she would not admit him, unless he paid a shilling before he went into the lodging; he had not a shilling to pay: he asked the woman where I lodge, to have a pint of beer, and she asked me to go along with her.

What is that woman's name? - Gibbs. I went with him to the Blue Anchor in Snow's Rents, opposite where I live: we had two or three pints of beer. He took me from there, and would insist of my going with him into Tothill-street, into a very bad house I was not acquainted with. He pretended love to me, and that he would marry me. I went with him to the Chequers: we had three pints of beer there; we staid there about an hour and an half; we sat in the tap-room; he took me from there to a very bad place, a night-house in the Almonry.

How came you to go with him there? - He said he was going home with me; I desired him to set me home; I thought he was going with me.

How came you to go into that house? - I do not know indeed.

Did you think that was your own house? - Yes; I thought so indeed.

You must be much in liquor? - I am not used to liquor; he made me intoxicated; I did not know what I was about: he sent for half a pint of peppermint, and forced me to drink; we were there all night; the next morning he stripped me of my cloak, and a Barcelona and pocket handkerchief, my apron, a half-guinea, and two half-crowns.

Did he take them by force? - No; there was nobody in company with me all night but him, and in the morning they were gone.

Was he gone before you missed them? - Yes; I was in bed in the Almonry, in that bad house: when he left me, he told me he was going down to get some breakfast, and would come up again.

Did you miss the things before or after he went down? - I missed the money before he went down, and I asked him about it; he said he knew nothing about it.

Did you miss the other things? - Yes, directly; I got up, and had not a handkerchief or apron to put on; he never came up again.

Had you the money when you went to bed? - Yes, in my pocket.

How do you know you had it in your pocket? - I thought [ had; I can't swear to it.

Were the other things found? - Yes; I had him taken up the next day: there was found my black silk cloak, an handkerchief, and an apron: he could not say much for himself, but he swore he had not the money; he took the silk handkerchief and pocket handkerchief, therefore he must have the money.


I am a constable. I have a black silk cloak, an apron, and pocket handkerchief; I took them out of the lining of the prisoner's coat; he said nothing when I took them from him.

(They were produced in court, and deposed to by the prosecutrix.)


I met this woman: she went and drank with me; she went home, and came out again, and walked with me; she said she was dry; we went into the Chequers, and had four pints of beer; I paid for two, and she paid for two: she wanted to go to bed, and asked me to go home with her; I was a stranger; I did not know the way to her home; she asked me to take her to somewhere to lie down; I took her to an house, and took a bed for her; I gave 1 s. 6 d. for it. When we went to bed, she said she had lost her money; I said I had no money but to pay for the bed; I went to bed with her; she waked at six in the

morning, and waked me, and said, she was vexed about her money; I said I knew nothing of it; she said, did not I promise to give her some over-night? I said, I did not promise her any money; I had none to give her; she said, what must she do to go home! and she gave me a cloak, an apron, and handkerchief, to pawn for her; I could not get what she wanted; I was bringing them back, and the man laid hold of me and took me up.

(The prisoner called one witness, who gave him a good character.)


Tried by the Second Middlesex Jury, before Mr. RECORDER.

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