18th October 1780
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584. JOHN PINNICK was indicted for stealing a wooden cask, value 12 d. and six gallons of brandy, value 3 l. the property of Charles Partridge , September 25th .


On the the 25th of September I delivered a cask of rum and a cask of brandy to Samuel Fearne , a carman, to carry to the sign of the Fish, above Holbourn-bars; they were the property of Charles Partridge , a brandy and wine-merchant .


I am a carman. I received two casks of spirits, from the last witness, on the 25th of

last month, to carry to the Fish, a publick-house in Holbourn. I had some tea in my cart , I put these casks upon it; they were marked at each end with chalk and tallow by myself. As I was going up Holbourn-hill , Richard Hunt told me a man had taken a cask out of my cart and was gone up Hatton-garden. He said a boy gave it him. I said it was mine. I missed the cask, I pursued the prisoner, and took him with it in Charles-street, Hatton-garden. I asked him where he got the cask? He was very willing to deliver it up. I took him to Mr. Hodgkin the constable and he was carried to prison, Hodgkin has had the cask ever since.


How old are you? - I was thirteen last May.

Do you know the nature of an oath? - Yes, it is always to speak the truth.

What will be the consequence if you do not? - I shall go to hell.

Do you know that you are liable to be punished in this life if you do not tell the truth? - Yes. I was going of an errand for my master to Snow-hill, as I was coming back I saw this cart stand by Holbourn-bridge. I saw a woman and a boy cross the way three or four times. I thought they had an intention of robbing the cart. The cart driven on up Holbourn-hill; I followed it and watched them. At Hatton-garden a boy ran up to the cart and pulled the cask to the tail of the cart; the prisoner ran immediately to the tail of the cart, and took the cask and put it on his shoulder.

Are you sure the prisoner is the person? - Yes. I told the carter, Fearne, of it, and staid with the cartwhile hewent after the man.

(The cask was produced in court by the constable, Thomas Hodgkin , and deposed to by James Galbreath .)


As I was going up Holbourn, I kicked against the cask in the highway; I took it and put it upon my shoulders.

GUILTY . Imp. 3 months .

Tried by the London Jury before Mr. RECORDER.

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