4th April 1779
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211, 212. ELIZABETH LAMBERT and MARY NEW were indicted for that they in the king's highway in and upon Mary the wife of William Beachman , did make an assault, putting her in corporal fear and danger of her life, and stealing from her person a linen shirt value 1 s. a flannel petticoat, value 3 s. a cloth coat, value 3 s. a cloth waistcoat, value 1 s. a pair of cloth breeches, value 1 s. a cloth apron, value 1 s. a cambrick handkerchief, value 1 s. a linen handkerchief, value 6 d. a pair of worsted stockings, value 6 d. a pair of stuff shoes, value 2 d. and two leather shoes, value 2 d. the property of the said William , April 5th .


I am the wife of William Beachman . I am servant to Mr. Davidson, a school-master at Islington. I had not taken all my things to my place. On Easter-Monday I had leave to come to London for the rest of my things. I came to town and called upon a gentlewoman who gave me a suit of clothes for my boy. I had all the things mentioned in the indictment in a bundle (repeating them). As I was going home about a quarter after nine at night, just as I came to the top of the road, by the Red-Lyon, the corner of Islington , I was attacked by the two prisoners.

Did you know them before? - I never set my eyes on them before. I am very sure they are the same; one of them came up to me and said, d - n your eyes give me your bundle! I asked her what she wanted with my bundle; she said d - n your eyes, let go the bundle! and took hold of my hand, and the other took the bundle from me; with the force of taking the bundle, I fell down, then she said to the other, come along, blast her eyes! we have got the bundle from her at last.

Was there any watchman near? - No; there was no watchman on the stand. I

pursued them, but they got off. I went in the morning to Justice Blackborough's, and described the women, and the watchmen found them. They were both brought to the bar, and I knew them immediately. I saw the things at the justice's; they were found at a pawnbroker's the next day.

When you saw them at the justice's was you sure that they were the same who robbed you? - I was.

Was it light or dark? - It was light. I knew them by their clothes and their features.

Was there any lamp near? - Yes; there was, just at the corner.


I am a constable. On the Tuesday a person came to me and informed me, that Mary New was one of the persons who had robbed this woman. I went to a publick-house in Portpool-lane, and found the two prisoners with two other girls. New asked me if I wanted her; I said, yes. Mary New called me aside, and said, don't let me go alone, make a prisoner of Lambert. New then said to Lambert, you know we did rob the woman. Lambert absolutely denied it; New said, how can you deny it, when you have got the woman's stockings on your legs; she then flew in a great passion. The stockings were taken off by Dinmore. New told me to go to their lodgings, and she would show me some more of the property.

Did they lodge in one room? - No. I went with New to her lodgings first, and she pulled a handkerchief from between the bed and the sacking.

(The handkerchief was produced in court and deposed to by the prosecutrix.)

Redgrave. From thence she took me to Lambert's lodging, and in her room I found these clothes (producing them) I asked her if that was all; she said no; that the night they committed the robbery, they pawned an apron, at Mr. Low's on Clerkenwell-green.

Who acknowledged this? - New. I asked her if there were any more things; she said yes, a shift and a flannel petticoat, pawned in Portpool-lane, about ten minutes or a quarter of an hour before I took them, that Lambert had the woman's shift on, and pulled it off that morning to pawn it. I found these things at the pawnbroker's.

(They were produced and sworn to by the prosecutrix.)


Upon Tuesday morning the prisoner Lambert wanted to go to the necessary; a woman went with her; the woman came out to me and said she wanted to throw a pair of stockings down the necessary. When I came in with her, I heard she had the woman's stockings on; she pulled them off. These are the stockings.

(They were produced in court and deposed to by the prosecutrix.)


I went with Redgrave and Dinmore to take the prisoners. I took the prosecutrix's shoes off New's feet.

(They were produced in court and deposed to by the prosecutrix.)


I am a pawnbroker in Portpool-lane, on Tuesday the 6th of April, both the prisoners pawned this flannel petticoat; about an hour after Mary New brought the shift.

(They were produced in court and deposed to by the prosecutrix.)

JAMES LOW sworn.

I am a pawnbroker at Clerkenwell-green. I took in a white apron of Mary New , on Monday the 5th of April after ten o'clock.

(It was produced in court and deposed to by the prosecutrix.)


New asked me to go with her to see her mother at Islington. Mary New picked up the bundle as she came home.


I went to see my mother at Islington; as I was coming home, I kicked this bundle before me. I brought it home and opened it, and found these things in it.


Tried by the Second Middlesex Jury before Mr. Justice BLACKSTONE.

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