16th September 1778
Reference Numbert17780916-54
VerdictsGuilty; Guilty
SentencesImprisonment > hard labour

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693, 694. THOMAS ELBURN and GEORGE GOODBURN were indicted for stealing thirty-three pair of shoe buckles, plated with silver, value 4l. the property of William Edwards , August 15th .


I am a jeweller and goldsmith in Winchester-street; my boy was robbed of the buckles as he was going to the Strand; I can only speak to the property.


I was thirteen years old the 1st of March.

Do you know whether it is a good or bad thing to swear falsely? - It is a bad thing. I was going down Ludgate-hill with two parcels, one contained buckles; I do not know what was in the other; I was going with one to Salisbury-court, and the other to the Strand; the prisoner Elburn came behind me, and asked me the way to the Strand; I told him, if he would go with me I would show him, but that I was going first to Salisbury-court; he took me up an alley that goes to Salisbury-court ; then the other came up, and asked him to drink. Goodburn took the parcel from under my arm, and said he would hold it while he sent me to the Temple to find a gentleman; he went part of the way with me; I could not find the gentleman; when I came back they were both gone; I received the parcels from my master Mr. Edwards.

Mr. Edwards. On the 15th of August I delivered a parcel of buckles, containing thirty-three pair, and a parcel of sword hilts to my boy the last witness; the one he was to take to Salisbbury-court, the other to the Strand; the prisoners were taken, and acknowledged to me before several witnesses, that they took them from my boy; there was a pair found in Elburn's shoes; the rest were found at Mr. Price's, the corner of Drury-lane, Holborn.


I attend at Sir John Fielding 's; Morant and I apprehended the prisoners, and carried them before Sir John Fielding . Goodburn said they took the parcel of buckles from the boy, and he took us to the shop of one Price where Flint had sold them; they knew the boy they took them from as soon as they saw him; the other was present, when Goodburn said they took them from the boy, and had given them to Flint. I did not hear him deny it.


I have about fifteen or sixteen pair of buckles, which I found by the direction of Goodburn, at the house of Price, who lives at the corner of Drury-lane, Holborn.

[The buckles were produced in court, and deposed to by the prosecutor.]

Prosecutor. They both acknowledged they were a part of the buckles they took from my boy, and as soon as they saw the boy, they said, that was the boy they took them from; five or six pair more were found upon persons who were their acquaintance.


I know nothing about the robbery.


They told me when I was before Sir John, that if I would confess every thing, I should go to sea.

John Clarke . When he was before Sir John, Goodburn wanted to be admitted an evidence for the Crown; Sir. John would not admit him, but said, if he was convicted, he would apply to Lord Rochford to send him to sea.


Tried by the London Jury before Mr. COMMON SERJEANT.

THOMAS ELBURN and GEORGE GOODBURN were indicted for stealing a wooden box, value 4 s. and a brass tube and stand for a reflecting telescope, value 50 s. the property of William Gilbert , Aug. 22d .


I am an optician on Tower-hill. On the 22d of August I lost the brass work of a reflecting telescope; I advertised them on the 25th; I afterwards saw the box with the brass work at Sir John Fielding 's; the two prisoners were examined with Flint and Price; the goods were taken from my errand boy.


I was thirteen years old the 5th of this month.

Court. Are you sworn? - Yes.

If you was to speak any thing untrue; what would become of you? - I should go the Devil. Coming through St. Paul's Church-yard, the prisoner Elburn asked me the way to Cheapside; I told him I had a box, with a telescope, tube, and stand; he followed me till I came to Queen-street ; then he said he would give me a penny if I would go down to one Mr. Jones's to fetch a little box for him, and let him hold mine the while; I went and enquired; there was no such person lived there; when I returned he was run away with the box; I did not see the other boy; I know nothing of him.


The two boys were taken together with Flint on account of another matter; they made a confession of this robbery, and Goodburn went with me to Price's, and pointed out the box; it was on a table up one pair of stairs; Goodburn said they took the box from a boy in Cheapside, and by the advertisement they knew who it belonged to.


I have nothing to say; Goodburn knew of it as well as myself.


I saw the box at Flint's; he said he was going with it to Price, but I do not know how he came by it.


Tried by the London Jury before Mr. Baron PERRYN.

[Imprisonment. See summary.]

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