10th July 1776
Reference Numbert17760710-65
VerdictGuilty > theft under 5s
SentenceImprisonment > hard labour

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582. LAZARUS LEVY was indicted for burglariously breaking and entering the dwelling-house of Benjamin Mascall on the 27th of June , about the hour of four in the afternoon, no person being therein, and stealing a mourning ring, value six shillings, another mourning ring with a cypher, value six shillings, three garnet rings, value two shillings, a garnet hoop ring, value two shillings, a topaz ring, value two shillings, a fancy gold ring, value two shillings, two silver fancy rings, value two shillings, a gold ring set with a purple stone, value two shillings, a gold ring set with paste, value two shillings,

five silver table spoons, value twenty-five shillings, three pair of silver sugar tongs, value ten shillings, four silver salt spoons, value three shillings, a silver strainer, value one shillings, three silver tea spoons, value three shillings, a crown piece, a dollar, value four shillings and six pence, a half dollar, value two shillings and three pence, a pair of stone shoe-buckles, value ten shillings, a pair of paste ear-rings, value five shillings, one egrotte, value five shillings, a shagreen case, value one shilling, a pair of oval stone shoe-buckles, value two shillings, two pair of stone sleeve-buttons set in silver, value two shillings, a silver stay-hook, value one shilling, a black silk sacque, value one pound two shillings, four silk gowns, value twenty shillings, two silk petticoats, value two shillings, a damask night gown, value ten shillings, a black silk cardinal, value ten shillings, a white sattin cardinal, value six shillings, three remnants of Irish cloth, value twenty shillings, twelve remnants of silk, value one shilling, three linen shirts, value three shillings, a linen shift, value one shilling, a linen handkerchief, value two pence, and two shillings in money numbered, the property of the said Benjamin, in his dwelling-house .

[The witnesses were examined apart at the request of the prisoner.]

MARY FINN sworn.

I live at Stepney , within a stone's throw of Mr. Mascall's house; I can see any person going in or coming out of Mr. Mascall's; as I was sitting at work at my own window, I saw a person loitering about his door; there were two men came out of the house, one in green, the other in brown; he in green came out and delivered a sacque to a person in brown; I got up immediately, and called to Mr. Rowland to know if the house was inhabited; he said, there were persons lived in it, who were out.

What time of the day was this? - Between four and six o'clock in the evening.

Was the person in green tall or short? - Short; he had his own hair.


I live in Mrs. Finn's house: I was at work with her between four and six o'clock; I saw a fellow lurking about the house; he behaved in a very indecent manner; he was first in one place, then in another; we thought he meant to drive us from our work; he was about the house three quarters of an hour; he was a shortish man in a brown coat, a crimson colour cape, and a red waistcoat.

Could you see his face? - Yes; the prisoner is not the person; the prisoner came out of the house with a bag and an handkerchief; he gave the bag to this fellow that was round the house; he threw it across his shoulder; I was about a stone's throw from the house, I could see him clearly; when Mrs. Finn went out of the room to call to Mr. Rowland to inform him that Mr. Mascall's house as she thought was robbed, as soon as he heard her voice he went across the field with the other man.


I live at Mile-end: on the 27th of June in the afternoon Mrs. Finn called to me, and asked if any body was in the house of Mr. Mascall? I said, yes; she said she believed the house was robbed; she described the people, and told me which way they went; I followed them; there were three of them; one had a brown bag, I cannot say which; I believe the prisoner is one of the three; I was behind them: I cannot swear the prisoner is one of them, I believe he is; I was pursuing them through the church-yard; they were in the horse road about fifty yards from me; they threw down the bag on seeing me; I took up the bag; it contained wearing apparel, silk gowns, and cloaks; there was a wall as high as they almost between them and me; I took the things home to my house till Mr. Mascall and his wife came home.


My house was broke open on the 27th of June, and the things specified in the indictment were taken away; they were found by Rowland.

[The things were produced in Court, and deposed to by Mr. Mascall.]


I am quite innocent of the affair: I can prove where I was at the time of this robbery.


'- DUDFIELD, a publican, deposed,

'that he told the prisoner that there was an

' information against him for this robbery;

'that he said he was innocent, and went voluntarily

'before the justice.'

' FRANCIS SCARF deposed, that he was

'put in possession of a house, the sign of

'the Prince of Orange in Petticoat-lane, under

'a commission of bankruptcy; that the prisoner

'came there in the morning of the 27th

'of June, and was there playing at skittles

'till after candle-light, and was never out

'only once about ten minutes to see a fight.

' DAVID WOOLFE deposed, that he was

'playing at skittles at the Prince of Orange

'with the prisoner on the 27th of June, from

'between two and three till nine at night:

'that he took particular notice of him, being

'so little and playing the game so well.

' MORDECAI LEVY deposed, that he was

'at play with the prisoner at the Prince of

'Orange; that he was there from between

'two and three till nine, and was sure the

'prisoner was there the whole time.'

GUILTY of stealing to the value of 4 s. 10 d .

Tried by the Second Middlesex Jury before Mr. RECORDER.

[Imprisonment. See summary.]

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