18th February 1775
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248. (L) JOSEPH TAYLOR otherwise CUTLER otherwise TURNER , was indicted for having been found at large in the city of London before the expiration of the term for which he had received sentence to be transported , January 15th ++

Mr. Hooper (producing the record of the conviction of Joseph Taylor , otherwise Cutler, otherwise Turner, at the Surry assizes). I had it from Mr. Knap's office, who is clerk of the assize, I examined this with the original record, it is a true transcript of it.

Edward Myles . The prisoner is the person that was tried at Kingston, four years ago last November, for robbing me, he was cast and I saw him receive judgment of transportation; I saw him again last Saturday, I knew him as soon as I saw him.

Mrs. Wainwright. I remember the prisoner's being tried at the assizes at Kingston, and cast to be transported, he was tried on a strong suspicion of breaking open my house, I know him to be the same man.

- Allen. I live at the corner of the Old Jewry in the Poultry, on Sunday evening the 15th of January, I saw the prisoner and another man at my back door, I observed the prisoner endeavouring to open my door; I collared him, after some struggle he was secured

and took to the Compter; there was a picklock in my door and eight or nine more found in his pocket.

"The prisoner in his defence said, that he

"went to Philadelphia, that he was taken up

"on suspicion of being a convict from England,

"and they would not let him have his

"liberty without he went out of the province,

"that he petitioned to be sent out of the province,

"that he was put on board of a ship

"bound to Bristol, which was to set him

"down in one of the lower provinces, but

"the captain would not set him down, but

"brought him to Bristol."

For the Prisoner.

" John Smith deposed that he knew the prisoner

"at Philadelphia, that he was imprisoned

"on suspicion of being a convict from England;

"that he saw him put on board a ship

"bound to Bristol, by two officers; but did

"not know whether he objected to going on

" board that ship or not."

Guilty , Death .

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