7th September 1774
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VerdictGuilty; Not Guilty

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667, 668. (L.) CHARLES PULLEN and MARY, his wife , were indicted for stealing a muslin apron, value 2 s. a cloth apron, value 3 s. two silk handkerchiefs, value 5 s. a callico handkerchief, value 3 s. and a linen handkerchief, value 6 d. the property of John Stubbs , Aug. 2d . ~

John Stubbs . I live in Finsbury, Moorfields : I am a leather breeches maker . My wife and I went into Smithfield on the 31st of July, about three in the afternoon, and returned home at half after ten at night. When I went out I double locked the door; on my return I found it on the spring; I borrowed a candle of my next door neighbour, and went up stairs; I found my first room door broke open; I had the key in my pocket; I came down; the watch was going by; I brought him in, and we all went up stairs together; I found my book-desk and

the drawers broke open, and the books and drawers left about the room; we went up two pair of stairs; there I found my chest of drawers broke open; the locks of the drawers were broke open, and the drawers broke almost to pieces, and my clothes taken out. On the Monday following, I was told by a young man, that the Kentish Drover, in Long-lane, Smithfield, was a likely place to find my things as, and advised me to search there; I went to my Lord Mayor next morning, and got a warrant to search the prisoner's house; in the one pair of stairs room I found two silk handkerchiefs, an India callico handkerchief, a white linen handkerchief, a worked muslin apron, and a callico apron; I asked them how they came by them; Mr. Pullen said he did not know any thing about them further than that the callico handkerchief was given to him; we found them in two different drawers, and some among the soul linen; we took the woman before my Lord Mayor; she denied some time knowing any thing about them; afterwards she said they were left there by one Jack, she did not know his other name, for two shillings. The prisoner keeps the Kentish Drover. (The goods were produced in Court, and deposed to by the prosecutor.)

Ann Tadwell . I know the callico handkerkerchief and muslin apron to be Mrs. Stubb's property; I have seen her wear them several times.

Saints Phillips. I know the callico handchief and muslin apron to be the property of Mrs. Stubbs.

John Squire . I am a constable: on the 2d of August I had a search warrant brought me, signed by my Lord Mayor, to search the prisoner's house, the Kentish Drover, in Long-lane; I found the things that are produced there.

Charles Pullen 's Defence.

I was in bed when the things were brought into my house; my wife told me one Jack left them, and said he would call again; he had been there several times before, but has never been since.

Mary Pullen's Defence.

A lad whose name is Jack brought the things to me, and desired to leave them, and said he would call again for them; I took them up stairs; never saw him from that time to this; I knew him by his coming in and having a glass of brandy and so on.

Q. from the Jury to the Prosecutor. Who was the person that gave you the intelli gence?

Stubbs. His name is Wright; he lives at Walworth; he advised me to search the Red Lion, in Whitecross-street, and the prisoner's house, as suspicious houses; I searched both, but found nothing of mine at the Red Lion.

The prisoner called Elizabeth Norton , who deposed that the prisoner was at home on the 3st of July, from eight in the morning till eight at night.

Elizabeth Cleave , who lives at a Mr. Naylor's opposite the prisoner's, deposed that she saw him at home all that day, and that she had heard that the wife was all day at Hackney.

James Howell deposed that he was at the prisoner's house on the 31st of August, from two o'clock in the afternoon till between four and five, and that the prisoner was at home at that time.

Mary Williams , Elizabeth Russell , and Jane Williams deposed that they went to Hackney with Mary Pullen , and that they were in company with her till ten o'clock at night.

And they called ten other witnesses, who gave them a good character.


MARY PULLEN acquitted .

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