9th September 1772
Reference Numbert17720909-27
VerdictsNot Guilty; Guilty
SentencesTransportation; Transportation

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632, 633, 634. (2d. M.) ROBERT JOLLAND , JOHN JOLLAND and ELIZABETH JOLLAND , were indicted, the two first for stealing three cotton gowns, value 15 s. a cotton petticoat, value 5 s. a man's hat, value 2 s. a silk handkerchief, value 1 s. a linen handkerchief, value 1 s. a silk and cotton handkerchief, value 1 s. a linen shirt, value 4 s. and a muslin neckcloth, value 1 s. the property of Mary Day , widow ; and Elizabeth Jolland for receiving the said goods, well knowing them to have been stolen , June 8 . *

Mary Day . I have been robbed at sundry times; my son can give a better account of it than I can.

Christopher Day . I know the prisoners.

Q. When was your mother robbed?

Day. The last time was the 8th of June. Here are some of the pawnbrokers who have brought some of the things that were pawned. The prisoners used to stand under the window and I used to throw the things out of them. I have done so a great many times.

Q. How came you to be so wicked to do this?

Day. The prisoner John Jolland asked me to do it.

Q. Was the father there when you did it?

Day. Yes, several times.

Robert Jolland . I was never there in the days of my breath; he used to bring the things before his mother was up.

Day. The father was there; he used to come of a night; I used to throw the things out of the window, and he catched them, and then they used to carry them to pawn, and I had part of the money.

Q. How came you to be acquainted with John Jolland ?

Day. I was an errand boy to one Mr. Farrell of Moorfields, and John Jolland worked there; the father Robert asked if I could get any more; I said, yes, and at last my mother found me out.

Q. from Robert Jolland . Did not I give you the best of advice, and bid you leave off your ways?

Day. No.

Thomas Author . I am a pawnbroker; the woman prisoner pawned two gowns with me; one on the 7th of May for 6 s. and the other on the 12th for 10 s. 6 d. in the name of Elizabeth Smith .

Mrs. Day. One of them I know to be mine, particularly well; I cannot swear to the other, nor the shirt; my servants take them in; I am a pawnbroker too.

Q. to Christopher Day . Can you tell the particular times you delivered the particular things?

Day. No.

Thomas Davis . I am a pawnbroker; there was a neckcloth, hat, and handkerchief, brought to pawn with me; but I do not know that any one of the prisoners were there; (the things produced.)

Prosecutrix. The hat and handkerchief are mine.

John Morley . I am apprentice to Mr. Corteau, a pawnbroker, in Houndsditch. Robert Jolland has brought things to pawn several times, and fetched them out again; he was a customer. These things (producing a gown and petticoat) were pawned in the name of Elizabeth Smith ; I cannot say who pawned them; (deposed to by the prosecutrix.)

Q. to Christopher Day . Was old Jolland and young Jolland ever there together?

Day. No.

George Whiting . I am a pawnbroker; about the middle of August, Halliburton, one of Sir John Fielding 's men, came to our house with a long list, giving an account of different parcels of goods, pledged at different pawnbrokers; in the list there was an account of a brown silk handkerchief, pledged at our house on the 8th of June; he said it was pledged in the name of Fisher; I looked over my book and found it; it was brought by a young man.

Christopher Day . The gown and petticoat produced, the son had of me; they were carried to the corner of Woolpack-alley, Hounsditch.

For the Prisoners.

James Richardson . Old Jolland worked for me several years; I have trusted him with several 100 l. worth of goods; he was always honest.

He also called William Carter , who had known him four years; John Warren , twenty years; John Peter , twenty years, and John Watson , who all gave him a good character.

John Jolland called John Fernal , who had known him ten years, who gave him a good character.

Robert Jolland , Acquitted .

John Jolland , Guilty . T .

Elizabeth Jolland, Guilty. T. 14 Years .

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