3rd June 1772
Reference Numbert17720603-11
VerdictsGuilty; Not Guilty; Guilty
SentencesTransportation; Transportation

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431, 432, 433. (1st. M.) NATHANIEL CAIN , ELIZABETH SPUR , spinster , and JEREMIAH WELLS were indicted the first for stealing a deal box, a black silk cloak, two pieces of printed linen, three aprons, four shifts, one muslin handkerchief, a napkin, a pillow bier, three pair of shift sleeves, one stock, one night cap, a silk apron with black lace, three odd ruffles, a yard of stuff, a pair of stays, a petticoat, two caps, three other napkins, a pillow case, three old ruffles, one counterpane, two towels, one coloured shift, one other petticoat, three napkins, three other aprons, three towels, one white linen gown, one check apron, one red and white linen gown, and one other linen gown , the property of Edward Wotton . Elizabeth Spurr for receiving one white sattin cloak, a black silk cloak and two pieces of printed linen, three aprons, four shifts, one muslin handkerchief, one napkin, one pillow-bier, three pair of shift sleeves, one stock, and one napkin, parcel of the above goods; and Jeremiah Wells for receiving one pair of stays, one petticoat, one silk apron with black lace, two caps, three napkins, one pillow case, three odd ruffles, one counterpane, five towels, one shift, one other petticoat, and one coloured apron, other parcel of the said goods, well knowing them to have been stolen , April 18th . *

Edward Wotton . I lived servant with lord Beauchamp, but am now serjeant in the militia; I was going to Uxbridge to join the regiment; I went in a returned post chaise; I left my box with Humphry Rivers , to be sent next day to Uxbridge, by the waggon or coach; they never came to Uxbridge; I have heard of some of them since; there was a 20 l. bank note in the box which I have never seen since.

Humphry Rivers . Mr. Wotton left a box with me the Friday before Easter Sunday; I fetched it the Saturday and carried it to the King's Arms, Oxford Road; it was to go by the coach to the King's Arms, Uxbridge; the coach was so heavy loaded they could not take it; I gave it to a waggoner to put into the waggon; he gave me the name of William Pickering , and he said he should be at Uxbridge that night; that man is Nathaniel Cain the prisoner; I am certain he is the man.

- Wotton. I am wife to the prosecutor; I packed the things up in the box; there was all my wearing apparel (repeating the things mentioned in the indictment, which were produced and deposed to by the prosecutrix;) these we have found; there are a great many more lost.

Henry Wright . I found these things that have been produced, at the house of one Joseph Everet , in t he Ambury. I belong to Tothil-fields Bridewell. Everet came to me on Easter Eve, and desired me to go with him; I did. We went up one pair of stairs and several women were there. I saw these two cardinals in particular on the bed. The prisoner Spur was there; the other two were gone. I desired him to take care of them.

William Howard . I was at the apprehending of Wells in Ship-yard, Temple Bar; on Wednesday in the Easter week: he was accused with having some part of Mr. Wotton's things. I asked him where they were? he said, if I would go with him to Sir John Fielding 's he would tell where they were; Mr. Wotton went with me. He went to a field about half a mile from Tottenham-court-road, and shewed me where they were covered over with a little loose earth; he said Cain gave them to him for his wife.

Joseph Everet . The cloaks and some other things were brought up by three soldiers and some other men into Elizabeth Spur 's room, unknown to her. I ran up to my wife, and told her these men were in the room; they burst

out, and ran away, and I found these things in the room; she came up soon after and did not know what to do with them; I went to Mr. Wright, he came and set them down on a piece of paper, and bid me take care of them.

Q. Do you know who the three soldiers are?

Everet. No; I never saw them before in my life.

Elizabeth Wells . I was at the Nag's Head in Tothill Street, last Easter; Hawkins, Cain and Wells came in; they asked me to pawn the aprons for them; which I did; then they asked me if I could tell them of any room to set these things in; there was Esther Paters in the house; I asked her to let them go up into her room to see what they had got; I shewed Wells and Cain the way up; they had two bundles; I did not see what was in them. I pawned a white gown for them for 7 s. and gave them the money when I returned. I saw a great many things upon the bed; they gave me a shift and apron for Esther Peters ; the soldiers ran away.

Eben. Stokes . I am a pawnbroker; I took in these things from Eliz. Wells (producing them.)

Wells. They are some of the things given me to pawn.

Henry Steel . I am a pawnbroker; (produces a gown and an apron) I had the gown of Spur and the apron of Wells, the 18th of April, about eight in the evening.

George Spooner . I am sixteen years old; I am apprentice to Jortan, pawnbroker in Chiswell-street; I took in this gown of Eliz. Spurr.

Well's Defence.

Cain brought the box into the barracks; I was there three hours before I knew it; he called Jerry, and said, can you let your wife pawn something for me? she said, no Cain, I cannot; but if I can, I will get somebody that will; he said he had a shirt to pawn; if I would go with him he would give me some beer; I went with him; when we returned, he brought some things in an apron, and gave them to my wife.

Cain's Defence.

I never gave him the things.

Spur's Defence.

I went to the Nag's Head; these men were sitting there, and asked me to pawn two gowns; I asked if they were his own; he said his sister was dead in the country, and he wanted to make money of them, and he would fetch them out on Monday.

CAIN, Guilty . T .

SPUR, Acquitted .

WELLS, Guilty . T. 14 Years .

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