Sarah Hall.
18th February 1767
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135. (M.) Sarah Hall , spinster , was indicted for stealing a callicoe bed-quilt, value 2 s. the property of John Hayes , Jan. 19 . +

Anne Cook . I live with Mr. Hayes at the White Horse at Uxbridge; the prisoner was brought with a pass to our town on the 19th of January, but not to our house; I can only say that this quilt is my master's property; I missed it the evening it was stolen.

Thomas Woodbridge . I am hostler to Mr. Hayes; after the quilt was missing, my master sent me to see if I could hear any thing of it; I went, and found part of the quilt on the bed, where the prisoner was lying in bed, at the house of John White , at Uxbridge; I then went and let my master know of it; he and Mr. Moore the constable came; we went up into the room, and found a part of the quilt on the bed upon her; we took her in custody, and in the evening she confessed she had been up into three or four of my master's rooms, and had taken the quilt and torn it in two, and thrown one part of it into the yard, and had taken the other way; and the next day we found that other part behind a pair of gates, according to her direction.

Mr. Moore. I was at the apprehending the prisoner; I asked her how she came by the quilt; at first she said she found it; then I said, if you have any confederates, it may be the means of bringing you off easier, if you will confess; she said, there was a tall woman with her, but that we found was not true; but before I said any thing to her, there was a heel of a woman's shoe given to me, that was found in the room by the side of Mr. Hayes's bed; and when we found her at White's, there was a shoe and buckle by her bed-side without a heel; we fitted the heel to it, and they appeared to belong to each other; (produced in court, and compared.)

Q. Did you observe whether she had the fellow buckle on the other shoe?

Moore. She said she had but one buckle; there was none in the other shoe.

Guilty . T .

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