Thomas Zechariah Miller, William Green.
18th February 1767
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185, 186. (L.) Thomas Zechariah Miller and William Green , were indicted for stealing a linen handkerchief, value 6 d. the property of John Dent , Jan. 30 . ||

John Dent . I am the city butler ; I and Mr. Lane were coming through Aldgate about eight o'clock, the 30th of January, at night; I saw the two prisoners together just behind me; I had lost three handkerchiefs before, which made me more careful; I put my hand in my pocket to prevent their taking my handkerchief out, and I found it was gone. I was very certain it must go at that time, because I had used it about two or three minutes before; I turned round and took hold of them both, and said they had taken my handkerchief; they both denied it; while they were denying it, a woman picked it up in the highway and gave it to me, I have never seen her since; we took them into a shop, and in about five minutes time they both confest they had taken it; Green said, Miller took it out and gave it to him, and therefore we could not hurt him for it; after that they both owned it, and said they never did such a thing before, and would not no more.

Q. Was any thing said to induce them to acknowledge it?

Dent. No, there was not.

William Lane confirmed the evidence given by prosecutor, being with him at the time.

William Robins . I am turned of fourteen years of age, I saw the two prisoners standing by Mr. Dent; I saw Miller put his hand into his pocket and take but a handkerchief, and give it to Green. I live with Mr. Stevens a watchmaker, in Whitechapel; after that I saw Green drop the handkerchief, and gave a wrench out of Mr. Dent's hand, and run away down Houndsditch; after that I heard Green say he should be cleared, for he did not take it, Miller took it; after that Green was brought back, and carried to Mr. Lane's the poulterer's shop; there they both confessed: Green said Miller took the handkerchief but of the gentleman's pocket, and Miller owned he did.

Q. Was there any promise of forgiveness, on condition of their confessing?

Robins. Mr. Lane or Mr. Dent said before my Lord-Mayor, that if they would make any discovery of their gang, they would pardon Green, but not for this offence; I heard nothing said to them before they took the handkerchief.

Miller's defence.

I was walking along; I happened to touch this gentleman; he catched hold of me, and said I had taken his handkerchief; I never touched it.

Green's defence.

I had been out all day with this boy (meaning Miller) the man was walking by the side of me; he said hold of me, and said he had lost his handkerchief.

Both guilty . T .

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