Archibald Nelson, Deception > fraud, 28th July 1764.

Reference Number: t17640728-52
Offence: Deception > fraud
Verdict: Guilty
Punishment: Death
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453. (M.) Archibald Nelson was indicted for taking upon him the name and character of John Wallis , a seaman , on board his Majesty's ship the Guadaloupe, with intent to receive prize money, due to the said John , June 13 . ||

William Maude . I am an agent in receiving prize money, together with my brother Thomas; we were appointed agents to the Guadaloupe: John Wallis was rated on the ship's books, boatswain: on the prize-list there was due to him 4 l. 9 s. there was 1 l. 18 s. 5 d. on the Lamaske, and 1 l. 11 s. 3 d. on the Likea: the prisoner came in the name of John Wallis , and produced a certificate that that was his name, signed by William Howell : I told him I could not pay him upon the strength of that certificate, because Mr. Howell was not the master at that time. I told him to go to Captain Price, who commanded the Guadaloupe; he came back again, and told me the captain was out of town: I asked him then, if he had received the wages for her? he said, yes. I desired him to go to the Pay-office, and get a certificate from the pay-clerk; I was not at home when he returned. On the 13th of June, I paid him 4 l. 9 s. and he signed the name John Wallis to it; I did not see him write it, but Thomas Maud did.

Thomas Maude , Jun. I am clerk to Thomas and William Maude : the prisoner came for prize-money due on board the Guadaloupe, in the name of John Wallis ; there was some difficulty about his being the right person: he came several times; he complained of coming so often about it; I told him, if he knew one Duncomb, in Wapping, I would give him a note to that person to pay him the money due; (he is a man that we have known): I gave him a note, signifying there was so much due, and if he would pay him, we would give it him again, upon his signifying he was the man: he came again on the Monday following, and said Duncomb was not at home: (He produced a book:) I did not see the money paid the prisoner, but I saw him write the name John Wallis ; here it is, in the nature of a receipt: as they receive their money, they all set their names so in this book.

Prisoner's Defence.

The first time I came without a certificate, in order to get my own wages; and the last time I came, he charged me with taking John Wallis 's money, because I was there so often before: I was a seaman on board the same ship.

Thomas Maude . His name is not on this book; he belonged to her before these prizes were taken.

Prisoner. I belonged to the ship about nineteen months, and then I ran away from her.

Guilty . Death .

There was another indictment against him, for personating Francis Peters , a mariner, on board the said ship, with the like intent.

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