George Knight.
2nd May 1764
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303. (M.) George Knight was indicted, for that he, on Thomas Lawson , on the king's highway, did make an assault, putting him in corporal fear and danger of his life, and taking from his person one silver stock-buckle, value 18 d. one linen stock, value 3 d. and a pair of metal shoe-buckles, value one penny, the property of the said Thomas, and against his will , March 12 . *

Thomas Lawson . I was in Holborn very late. Going towards Drury-lane, I asked a young woman the way: she brought me to a gateway: it was dark. I said, you are going out of the way: the prisoner came over the way, and demanded my money: he took my silver stock-buckle and stock; then he put his hand in my pocket, and took out a watch key, which I had found: he then demanded my watch? I said I had never a one: then he swore he would knock me down: he knocked me down, and swore and d - d his eyes, he would cut my throat, if I made any noise: he took from me a halfpenny, of the coin of the Isle of man: he ran away, and I got up and pursued him, and got hold of him: he got my hat, which he would then have delivered to me again, but I would not take it.

Prisoner. We were both in liquor, and we happened to quarrel: we were drinking together: I lost my hat and wig, and he lost his hat.

Lawson. I never saw him in my life, before he came and demanded my money.

Prisoner. Before Justice Welch, he said he knocked me down a dozen times.

Lawson. It was about twelve when this first began and it lasted till one, till the watchman came.

Q. When did he take your hat?

Lawson. He took that after he knocked me down: I really thought he would have murdered me: the things mentioned in the indictment were found upon him.

William Poney . I was constable of the night: my watchman said there was fighting; he went to assist, and brought the prisoner to me to the watch-house. I asked the young man what the prisoner had done? he said the prisoner had robbed him of a stock buckle, a pocket-piece, a stock, and a watch-key: I ordered him to be searched, and they were found in his pockets: he begged for pardon and mercy.

Matthias Chambers . I was going to Billinsgate, to buy fish: the quarrel was right under my window: this hat I found in the street (producing one). A little lower down, a man picked up a knife: I came home about 8 o'clock, and my landlady informed me a man had been robbed there, I carried the hat to the round-house, and the prosecutor said it was his hat.

Prisoner's Defence.

I have no defence to make at all, than that we we were both in liquor, and a quarrel ensued: he knocked me down six times.

Guilty . Death .

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