James Anderson.
13th January 1764
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72. (M.) James Anderson was indicted, for that he, in a certain field, near the king's highway, on Esther Leesome , did make an assault, putting her in corporal fear and danger of her life, and violently taking from her person, 4 s. 9 d. her property , January 7 . *

Esther Leesome . Last Saturday, I and my mother were going home; the prisoner passed us, then he turned again, and demanded what we had, or else he said he would kill us with a plough tug, which he had in his hand. I gave him 4 s. 6 d. in silver, and 3 d. in half-pence.

Q. Are you certain he is the man?

Leesome. I am certain, though I had not seen him for 11 years before. I told him, I knew him, and said, pray James Anderson , do not hurt me.

Prisoner. What she says is false, I had no more than two-pence of her; I saw no silver.

Mary Wright . I am the mother of the prosecutrix. Last Saturday the prisoner passed us in the fields, and after that came and met us again, and swore he would knock us on the head, if we would not give him our money. We gave him our money, and desired him not to abuse us. I gave him 15 d. and he had 4 s. 9 d. of my daughter: after that, he demanded our rings, but we had none.

Mr. Clark. There came a woman to me, and told me, Anderson was in the fields, and wished I would run and fright him away; then I heard a woman hollow out; I went, there the two women said they had been robbed. I pursued him up to the wood, and another man took him.

John Gosling . The woman called out, Stop thief; I followed the prisoner to St. John's wood, he held up this iron, and said he would dash my brains out, if I came near him; (producing a piece of iron near two feet long) I followed him almost to Marybone, from thence to Primrose-hill, and from thence, down to the Belsize-house, below Hampstead church. As I was getting over a ditch, he came back, and struck at me with this iron. I held up my arm to keep off the blow, and took hold of him, and brought him down in the ditch under me, and took the iron out of his hand. He put his hand into his pocket, I thought with intent to take some weapon out; I struck him over his head with the iron, and the blood ran; then he told me he would go civilly with me.

Edward Holdway . I am a constable. They brought the prisoner to my house, and told me, they had got the noted Anderson. I told him I had wanted to see him a good while, and was glad to see him, as we had long looked for him. I hand-cuffed him, to take him away; he owned to several robberies, and this among the rest, and said, he had a groat from one of the women, and two-pence from the other. He denied taking any silver: I searched his pockets, and found no silver.

Prisoner's Defence.

I had only a groat from one, and two-pence from the other; I had no silver at all, nor did I see any.

Guilty . Death .

There were two other capital indictments against him.

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