Thomas Madge.
14th September 1763
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449. (M.) Thomas Madge was indicted for personating Nicholas Shaw , who had served on board the Harwich , in order to receive his prize-money due to him , Aug. 11 , ++

Henry Maddox . I am employed by Mr. Henry Sear and James Pitter , agents for the captures of the Harwich and others, to pay the prize-money; the first payment Nicholas Shaw , a seaman on board the Harwich, received 4 l. that was June the 3, 1761, the second payment was 20 s. (he produced the book) the 11th of Aug. was the recallday, at the King's Arms on Tower-hill, John Morgatson and John Davidson were with me in the room, the prisoner came in, I asked him what he wanted, he said he came for his prize-money; I asked him who received his first payment? he said he received it himself at the Synagogue Coffeehouse, and that his name was Nicholas Shaw of the Harwich, upon which I turned to the book and saw Nicholas Shaw had wrote his own name,

I said, pray, can you write? he said, no; I said, I wish you had came before, there were three or four of your shipmates here a little while ago; he went out and came in again and said he could not see any; I said, pray, Sir, could you never write? he said, no, Sir, he never, which gave me a suspicion that he was an imposter, I said, stand. I really believe you are come to take another man's money, you had better discover wh you on; upon which he hesitated a minute or two and said, I'll tell you the truth, I was let on by a tall man that lives somewhere by Deptford Green, which he had met with the day before, who had made him drunk; said I, you are not drunk now, tell me this man's name, and we will see if we can secure him; he said, he did not know his name, and never had seen him before, and that they were to share the money, but could not tell where they were to meet; then we sent for an officer and charged him; he confessed he was not Shaw.

Q. What did he claim?

Maddox. Twenty shillings, that was known publicly what was due.

John Margatson , and John Davidson , confirmed the amount he had given.

William Dickinson . I am steward on board the ship Harwich, Nicholas Shaw was steward's mate, he was on board at the taking of Senegal; the prisoner is not that man, his name is Thomas Madge , we took him on board at Jamaica, he was a very quiet man on board.

Prisoner's Defence.

I was put on to do it by a man, or else I never should have done it.

Guilty . Death .

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