William Holloway, Violent Theft > highway robbery, 6th July 1763.

Reference Number: t17630706-32
Offence: Violent Theft > highway robbery
Verdict: Guilty
Punishment: Death
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306. (M.) William Holloway was indicted for that he, in a field, or open place, near the King's highway, on Robert Long did make an assault, putting him in corporal fear and danger of his life, and taking from his person one silver watch, val. 40 s. his property , June 27 . ||

Robert Long . On the 27th of June, between 6 and 7 in the evening, I was going from London to West-end by way of Marybone on foot, about two or three fields from Marybone , at a bridge that has rails on each side, stood the prisoner at the latter end, leaning on the rail, I past him, he had a stick in his hand; I was not got into the second field from the bridge before the prisoner stept up to me, and took me by the shoulder, and looked me in the face and said, I want your watch; I said, you shall not have it though; he said, he would; I said, we will try for it first. He got hold of me, and began to beat me about the face and head, I endeavoured to defend myself as well as I could; he got me on the ground in a gutter, and beat me as long as he thought proper, my head and face was all over bloody; then he took hold at the string of my watch, and pulled it out, and ran away, I followed and called thief and murder. There was a man lying on the grass about 50 or 60 yards distance, he got up and stared about him, his name is Ellis, I told him what had happened, he looked about and said he saw him; a farmer was riding about looking after his haymakers, he rode down and said he saw the man in a field. The poor man and I ran, some time we saw him, and some time not, we lost him, then we came again into the field where I was robbed, the grass not being cut down, we tracked him about a dozen yards in it, presently we found him lying on his belly in the ditch, the poor man jumped in and took him out; then the prisoner said, I'll give you your watch again; no, said I, you don't though. We took him to the Justice at Hamstead, who sent for a constable and he was secured.

Thomas Ellis , confirmed the account of the pursuit and taking the prisoner, and his offering to return the prosecutor his watch.

John Keen , the constable, deposed to the finding the watch on the prisoner, (produced in court and deposed to).

Prisoner's Defence.

I was very much in liquor. My Lord, I hope you will do as you would be done by; not let my life be thrown away for a trifle of money.

Q. to Keen. Did the prisoner seem to be in liquor?

Keen. He did not.

The prisoner called William Murford , who had known him since last Michaelmas, who said, the prisoner had been chairman to the Dutchess of Portland's daughter, and said, he behaved well then.

Ann Wild , who had known him twelve months, and Robert Hambleton nine months, who said, the prisoner did carry Lady Gray; they spoke well of him as to the time they knew him.

Prosecutor. The prisoner has been an inhabiter near me three years, and I knew him, and think he must know me.

Guilty . Death .

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