Cornelius Saunders.
6th July 1763
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272. (M.) Cornelius Saunders was indicted for stealing four 3 l. 12 s. pieces, six 36 s. pieces, 7 guineas, 4 half guineas, and 4 s. 6 d. in money numbered, the property of Joseph White , in his dwelling-house , May 27 . +

Mary White . My husband's name is Joseph, we live in Lamb-street, Spittle-fields ; I had put my money in a canvas bag, and hid it in a shoe in my cellar, I believe there were upwards of 40 l. of it. I missed it on the 28th of May in the morning, I knew nobody but the prisoner had been in the cellar since I had seen it, which was on the day before; so I enquired for him, and was told by a woman he had said he had found a great deal of money in a shoe in Moorfields.

Q. How came he into your cellar?

White. He has but very little sight, he came when I was very busy on the morning of the 28th for some salmon kits that I had sold him, he went down into the cellar, and I suppose by groaping about got my money.

Q. How far did your money lay from the salmon kits?

White. About three yards. I carried him before Justice Pell, there was the quantity and pieces of money found upon him as laid in the indictment. The Justice asked him if it was my money? he said, yes: he had a pair of silver buckles, the Justice asked him if he bought them

with my money! he said, yes: the Justice asked him where he got the money? he said, it was in a salmon kit.

Prisoner. I have dealt with her about 13 years, I bought 8 salmon kits of her, I fetched them away by two at a time, the money was in the second kit, I never found it till I came to set the tubs down.

Q. Did you not put the money into a salmon kit?

White. I am very certain I did not.

Q. from the Prisoner. Whether the necessary being so near, somebody that went there might not have put the money into a kit?

White. It might be so for what I know.

Sarah Dobey . Mrs. White and I have been partners 20 years, I heard she had been robbed by the blind man, seeing him go by soon after, I went to him, and said, are not you a great rogue to rob her that has been better than a mother to you? he said, d - n you, what is that to you. I sent for her, she came, and charged a constable with him; I saw Mr. Quintam search him, and take the buckles out of his shoes, and gold and silver out of his pocket; I heard him say he threw the bag away, and bought another.

Mr. Quintam. I am constable; I was sent for to Mrs. White, I went and found the prisoner at the Man in the Moon, I had use to know him before, but he was dress so well I could hardly know him at first sight; I searched him, I found the pieces of money upon him as laid in the indictment; I took him in a coach to go to the Justice, going along he confessed that the money was Mrs. White's property, and every word he told me, he told the Justice; he said he took the money out of the cellar, out of a shoe. The Justice said, have you got ever a watch? he said, no: - how came you by these buckles? - I bought them with Mrs. White's money: the Justice said, take them out; he said, no, blast me, I will not. Then the Justice ordered me to take them out, which I did. He said he took a black bag, and put it into the under salmon kit, and put three upon it, and carried it as far as Mr. Trueman's brew-house, then he looked to see what a prize he had got, he untied the bag, the first he saw was a crown piece, which rejoiced his heart, that there were thirty crown pieces, and all the rest gold; that he carried it to the George, in George-Yard, then he went and bought his cloaths, and turned it all into gold.

Q. to White. Was your money in a black bag?

White. It was not black, but it was made black by being in the cellar.

Prisoner's Defence.

I did not say such a word as the constable has mentioned, but I have nobody at all to say any thing for me but myself, I leave it to the mercy of the court.

Guilty . Death .

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