Richard Benham.
7th December 1757
Reference Numbert17571207-39

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48. (M.) Richard Benham was indicted for stealing twelve ewe sheep, value 8 l. the property, of William Gammon , Nov. 19 +

William Gammon . I live at Clifton, in Oxford shire . I 10 d twelve ewe sheep on the or of November last. I had bought them the 14th of that month, five of which were the property of Mr. Saunders, and the other the property of a neighbour.

Q. Where did you lose them from?

Gammon. They were lost from out of a drove, going into Buckinghamshire

Q How were they mark'd ?

Gammon. Five of them were mark'd with the letter P. and a jag wheel round it, and the other seven with W. G. in a ring.

Q. Where did you see them again ?

Gammon. Mr. Saunders found them again on the 1st of December, but I never saw them till yesterday.

Q. Where ?

Gammon. At Hounslow, in the possession of Mr. Brooks, at the Red-Lion. I know nothing of my own knowledge, of the prisoner's taking them.

Q. Do you know the prisoner?

Gammon. Yes; he was born within two miles of me, and is a shepherd.

Robert Saunders . I live near Aylesbury, in Buckinghamshire I gave Mr. Gammon orders to buy sixty for me, after which he sent me word seven of them were warning, and five of my neighbour's. On this say I was at Hounslow Market Gammon having given a letter to a neighbour of his, and order'd him to get them adventured on the Monday) where I heard that a sheep stealer we taken up. I imagining it might be the man that had rob'd Mr. Gammon, went to see the sheep, and found five of them were mark'd with a mark belonging to me, and the other seven with a mark belonging to my neighbour.

Q. Where were the sheep ?

Saunders. They were in the sheep pens in the market. I went to see the prisoner, and asked him how he came by the sheep. He said, he bought them.

Q. Describe the marks.

Saunders. Five of them were mark'd with a jag wheel, and a P. in the middle and the others with a W. G. in a ring. The prisoner told the justice he bought them on the Sunday morning for twelve shillings each.

Q. What is the value of them?

Saunders. They cost me a great deal more than that. The sheep were left with William Brooks , my landlord, at Hounslow. Then I sent word to Gammon to come up to swear to them, who came, and was there when I was.

Q. When did you see them last?

Saunders. We both saw them to-day.

Prisoner's Defence.

I was going down to see my friends, and met with a man on the road, whom I bought these sheep of, and gave him twelve shillings a piece for them. My friends live in Oxfordshire, and I was going from Aimsworth, in Middlesex.

Q. to Gammon. What is the value of the sheep?

Gammon. I gave 19 s. for each of the five, and 14 s. a piece for the other seven.

Guilty , Death . Recommended.

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