Rowley Hanson, Violent Theft > highway robbery, 22nd October 1755.

Reference Number: t17551022-6
Offence: Violent Theft > highway robbery
Verdict: Guilty
Punishment: Death
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370. (M.) Rowley Hanson was indicted, for that he in a certain field and open place, near the king's high-way on Dennis Chirac , Esq ; did make an assault, putting him in corporal fear, and taking from his person a watch with two gold cases and a shagreen case, value 18l. one steel chain, two cornelian seals, one guinea, and 4 s. and 6 d. in money, numbered , Sept. 15 . +

Dennis Chirac . On Monday the 15th of September last as I was going to Paddington to my house, I crossed the road, the prisoner followed me, he said it was a very fine day. We were both on foot, then I pulled my watch out, he asked me what o'clock it was, and snatch'd it out of my hand. I was surprised at that, and took hold of his arm, and said he should not have it; he said, give me your money then. I took it out, and gave him a guinea, and some silver, and then he said, give me the buckles out of your shoes, I said, I hope you do not design to strip me; then he did not take them. I went home and advertised the watch. On the Tuesday following it was brought, and I paid the 20 guineas which I advertised for it.

Q. Had he any arms?

Shirac. He had a stick in his hand, and swore at me, and threatened me.

Armstrong Janes. On the 15th of September last, the prosecutor sent an advertisement to me to put in the paper, I put it in, and on the Wednesday after there came two soldiers to me, one of them asked me whether there was a watch advertised to be brought to my home, they shewed me it. I seeing the shagreen case much bruised, said I thought 15 guineas was sufficient; he said, what you please. Then I gave him 15 guineas and away he went. In about 15 minutes after in came the prisoner, dressed in a silver lac'd hat, he swaggered and said, what did I mean by giving but 15

guineas? and said he would have 20. A gentleman was by, and said to me, if it was advertised 20 guineas, I must pay it. So I gave him five guineas, and away he went. On the Friday following there came two letters, one about an hour after the other, threatning to lay some information, I do not know what, if I did not send 10 guineas by the bearer; but I cannot charge the sending them upon the prisoner, the letters were signed R. A.

Prisoner's defence.

I met with the prosecutor going along to walk in the fields, I live in Brook-street, I said to him, it was a very fine day, he said yes, so it was. We walked together, he asked me to go and sit down with him by a ditch side, I did; he began to use me very ill, by putting his hand into my breeches. I asked him what he meant by it, he said he hoped no offence, I said you shall go along with me before a justice, he said for God's sake do not take me there, I will give you any thing. So he gave me his watch and money, and said he would advertise it on the morrow, 20 guineas reward. And that if he had had 50 guineas he would have given them to me. I shew'd the watch to some people that were in the fields at the time. After it was advertised I sent my comrade with it, he brought me 15 guineas. Then I went and said it was advertised at 20, and the man gave me five guineas more. There was nobody by when the prosecutor gave me the watch and money, but he and I.

Prosecutor. Here is the prisoner's account he gave before the justice, in which he owns he never saw me before he saw me at the justice's.

Mr. Brogden. I was by when the prisoner was examined before Mr. Fielding and Mr. Welch. (He produces the examination taken in writing; it is read to this purport.)

'' That on Monday last he found a gold watch by the side of a ditch, in Marybone fields, that it was advertised in the Wednesday's paper following, 20 guineas reward, and that he sent the said watch by a soldier accordingly, and he brought back 15 guineas, then he went himself and demanded five guineas more, which was delivered to him, and that he never to his knowledge in his life had seen the person then present on this examination, who called himself Dennis Chirac.''

Guilty , Death .

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