Nicholas Lawrence, Violent Theft > highway robbery, 2nd May 1753.

Reference Number: t17530502-49
Offence: Violent Theft > highway robbery
Verdict: Guilty
Punishment: Death
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231. (M.) Nicholas Lawrence , was indicted for that he on the kings highway, on John Field , did make an assault, putting him in corporal fear and danger of his life, 3 s. 10 d. in money, from his person, and against his will, did steal, take, &c . April 13 . ||

John Field . I live in the parish of Enfield, I am servant with Mr. Fipps ; I was coming to London, with a drove of sheep, last Saturday was a fortnight, about twelve at night ; the prisoner at the bar, came up to me, and laid hold on my horse's head, and asked me for my money; I think he had a sort of a hanger in his hand: it was some sharp thing; the moon shone very bright, so that I am sure it was the prisoner; he had a little cropt hat on.

Q. Had you ever seen him before?

Field. I had at Edmonton, I think some time last summer; I gave him my money, which was 3 s. 10 d.

Q. Did he strike at you?

Field. No, he did not, I was much afrighted ; about ten minutes after I was robbed; I met Joseph

King with a cart, I told him I had been robbed, and if he had any money about him, to secure it ; he told me afterwards, he was robbed by such a man; I took the prisoner up on the Thursday following, going into Burry street.

Q. Was any body with you then?

Field. Yes, my lord, John Ward was, but he is not here.

Q. Did the prisoner say any thing for himself?

Field. He denied it.

John King . I met John Field , in Duck lane, on the 13th of April; being a Saturday night, between 12 and 1 o'clock; Field said brother I would have you take care if you have any money about you; for I have just been robbed; my master got off the cart, and went over the hedge, because he had a great deal of money in his pocket.

Q. What is your master's name?

King. His name is George Hine ; I was robbed by the prisoner alone, about half a mile off the place; Field told me of it, he met me near the Bell at Edmonton.

Prisoner's Defence.

I went down to St. Alban's on the 11th of April, after a woman that travels with goods, the people apprehended me before I could find her.

Guilty , Death .

There was another indictment against him, for robbing King of 2 s 4 d. but he was not tried upon that.

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