John Higgins, Sarah Higgins, Mary Hays.
21st February 1753
Reference Numbert17530221-52
VerdictGuilty; Not Guilty

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166, 167, 168. (M.) John Higgins , Sarah Higgins , single woman , and Mary Hays , single woman , were indicted for that they, together with Thomas Hays not yet taken, on the 30th of December , about one at night, the dwelling house of Edward Blake did break and enter, and steal out thence 15 pewter dishes, 36 pewter plates, 23 pewter quart pots, three pewter quart tankards, 17 pewter plates, one tablecloth, three blankets, and several other goods of the said Edward . ||

Elizabeth Blake . On the 30th of Dec. I went to see my husband, he being ill, I lay there all night.

Q. Where was your husband?

E. Blake. He is in Newgate, when I returned I found my house broke open and riffled.

Q. Where is this house?

E. Blake . The George in the Strand near St. Clement's church , I left it in the evening about five, and fastened both doors, there is one opens into the Butcher-Row, and the other into the Strand; when I returned the next day at five, I put the key into the door next the Strand, I unlocked the door but found it was bolted, I went round to the other door, that was open; this was bolted with three bolts when I went out, then I got some of my neighbours to lend me a candle, and go in with me, there was not an halfpenny worth of goods left in the house, the locks were broke as far as I went, I missed fifteen pewter dishes, three dozen and ten pewter plates, twenty-three quart pots, three tankards, seventeen pint pots, two penny pots, five half pint pots, a gallon pot, a three pint pot, one pewter bason, seven brass candlesticks, a looking glass, a table cloth, a bed quilt, three blankets, one sheet, a bolster, a set of bed curtains, six iron candlesticks, two coffee-pots, one brass one copper, one sauce-pan, two pair of shoes, one gown, one petticoat, one coat of my husbands, two pair of breeches, three aprons, three handkerchiefs, five linnen caps, one callimanco quilted petticoat, three waistcoats, a woman's beaver hat, a cotton gown, two shirts, fifteen pair of stockings: these where all in the house when I went out, I advertized them, the other witness will give a further account how some of my things were found; on the 11th or 12th of January, I was sent for, to justice Dyer's, there I found a brass pot and cover, one copper sauce-pan, six iron candlesticks, one sheet, one blanket, one waistcoat, one pair of breeches, part of the goods I lost .

Edward Salmon , John Stevens , and Henry Cooley , the constable, all deposed, that one Mr. Cooper had lost some leaden pipe, they went with a search warrant, and in searching Higgins's house, found the goods mentioned by the other witness. (Produced in court and deposed to by Mrs. Blake;) that they by reading the advertizement, sent to Mrs. Blake, and she came and deposed to them, and that one pair of iron candlesticks were found in Hays's house, which was next door to Higgins's .

Mary Laxley deposed, that at the time of the search, Higgins's wife brought some of the goods privately to secret them in her house, and also an iron instrument to break open houses, and wrench off iron pallisadoes, which was produc'd in court.

Higgins's defence .

On Wednesday was 7 weeks my wife and I went to Rag-fair, and bought the goods of a woman for a guinea and half.

Sarah Higgins 's defence the same, being the person he called his wife.

Mary Hays 's defence.

My husband brought the 2 candlesticks home, and said he bought them.

John Higgins , Guilty , Death .

Sarah Higgins and Mary Hays , Acq .

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