Grace Weedon, Isabella Roe.
21st February 1753
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164, 165. (M.) Grace Weedon and Isabella Roe , spinsters , were indicted for that they, on the king's highway, on Jane King did make an assault, putting her in corporal fear and danger of her life, and stealing one ticking pocket, value one penny, one iron key, value two-pence, one penknife, value one penny; one brass thimble, value one halfpenny, from her person , Jan. 29 . ||

Jane King . On the 28th of January I went to High-street, St. James's, to the house of one Devan , who was very ill; his wife desired I would stay and sit up with him, so I staid till one in the morning, then called her up, and came away; about a quarter of an hour after, coming by the corner of White-Hart-yard, Russel-street , the two prisoners stopped me; Roe gave me a slap in the face; after which I had several on my face and breast. Grace Weedon put her hand under my hoop and pulled off my pocket, which had some few halfpence in it, and the rest of the things mentioned in the indictment, and they ran away. I don't remember I heard a word from either of them; I called out, watch, and murder! two watchmen came, and I told them the affair; then I met Roe and laid hold on her, and charged the watchmen with her; we took her to the Roundhouse, where I told the watchmen the other woman had a particular cast with her eye, and I should know her in the morning. Roe said, I don't believe but it is Grace; then the woman of the Roundhouse told me, if I would give her maid two-pence she should go for the key, so she went and brought the pocket and the key. (Produced in court and deposed to.) She lived near the place where they robbed me, and was taken up. I am positive to the two prisoners. John Kelsey and James French were the two watchmen that secured Roe.

Kelsey deposed, he went to Weedon to take her up, and she said, she thought she had no occasion to go with him, for she had sent the pocket, and had given Roe three-pence halfpenny of the money.

Roe's Defence.

I met the gentlewoman, and she stopped me and said, she had been robbed by three women, and she struck me twice; then she called out, watch! the watch came, so she charged me and I her; we were carried to the watch-house; she said it was a woman pitted with the small-pox, so I said, twenty to one but it is Grace; the woman sent her maid, who brought the pocket and key; then we went before the justice, who sent for Grace.

Weedon's Defence.

I was going for a pint of beer, and kicked something before me, and found it jingled, so I took it up, and it was a pocket and a key with a bit of brass. I never saw the woman till I saw her before the justice.

Richard Sych , Mary Howard , and Silvia Porter , gave Roe a good character.

Both guilty , Death .

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