John Jettea.
21st February 1753
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155. (L.) John Jettea , was indicted for returning from transportation before the expiration of his time . ||

The record of his conviction was read in court, the purport of which was, that he was tried at the Sessions House in the Old-Bailey, on Wednesday the 15th of October, in the 20th year of our lord the king, in the mayoralty of Sir Richard Hoar , Knt, for stealing one guinea, the money of Thomas Morgan , in the shop of the said Thomas, October 15, 1746. The jurors say guilty of single felony only, to be transported for seven years.

William Hall. I have known the prisoner at the bar 12 years, and was on board the ship when he came on board to be transported, but did not take notice of the time; I was glad to see him there, he having been very troublesome to me; he married a sister of mine; I saw him amongst the transports with a collar about his neck. I saw him put on board with the rest before they were put down into the hole.

Q. Did you see him tried?

Hall. No, I did not.

Q. How long is this ago?

Hall. I believe about five years ago .

Q. Did you know Thomas Morgan ?

Hall. I did, he kept a pawnbroker's shop in East-Smithfield.

Prisoner. When I married that man's sister he got my wife to execute a wrong judgement, by antidating it, against me, and he was put into my house, so he kept me out. The case was tried before my lord chief justice Lee . This is all Spight.

Hall. The woman never confessed a judgment to me; she found soon that he had a wife and five children living at the time he married her, which was on the Saturday, and on the Monday following he put a bond and judgment into the house. The things were appraised and sold; I bought them of 'Squire Buckley .

William Norton . I have known the prisoner ever since he broke out of Newgate the last time, which is two or three years ago.

Q. Did you see him tried here?

Norton. No, I did not.

Samuel Boulton . I have known the prisoner 12 years, he once was a tenant of mine. I remember about four or five years ago, I believe it was, I saw him come down from Newgate linked with a chain, amongst other transports, to Black Friers Stairs; I went on purpose to see him; I said to him, Mr. Jettea, I am sorry to see you transported; then he went to shake hands with me, but I said, not so familiar as that, I think it is ten thousand pities you was not hanged; then he threw a bottle of girl at me with violence, and swore, if I came near him, he'd stick me. I saw him put into the close lighter, and saw him go down.

Q. Was you in the court at his trial?

Boulton. I was not, but I knew he was tried and convicted for robbing a person of a guinea.

Prisoner. That man, after I had given in a receipt to buy some houses, arrested me, and put me into goal, and so got my houses from me, and broke into my house.

Boulton. I never owed him any discourse in my life; he would neither pay me my rent, nor go out of my house.

A Witness. I remember the prisoner being tried and convicted, I was in court when he received sentence, and was transported accordingly, which is about four or five years ago. He has twice broke out of Newgate .

Q. What was he cast for?

Witness . I can't exactly remember that, but I know he was tried by the name of John Jettea .

John Smith . The first time I saw the prisoner was at the Crown Tavern by Cripplegate, on the third of December last, he was there at large with his two sons; he came into the room where, I was sitting. He is the person that acted the captain at that time.

See Number 72 in the last papers, where his son is cast for transportation, and John Smith was an evidence before.

Prisoner's Defence.

I never was transported in my life by the law, I am not the man, I went abroad about seven years ago, and had a brother's son, whose name was John Jettea , transported about six or seven years ago. I have been chained down in a cell and have not been allowed to have any body come near me or speak to me, so it is impossible I should get my evidences to appear for me. My lord, I have got an unhappy son going abroad to Virginia, and my youngest son is going to indent himself with him, and I beg your lordship will let me go abroad with them, I hope I shall become a new man, and it may save them from ever coming back to England, and keep them from coming to an ill end.

Guilty , Death .

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