Anne Fox, Theft > theft from a specified place, 6th December 1752.

Reference Number: t17521206-15
Offence: Theft > theft from a specified place
Verdict: Guilty > with recommendation
Punishment: Death
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15. ( M.) Anne Fox , was indicted for stealing one gold ring value 15 s. one pair of silver buttons value 1 s. 6 d. one silk handkerchief value 3 s. two guineas and one half guinea, the goods of Patrick Quin , in the dwelling house of Samuel Porter , October 11 . ||

Patrick Quin . I am a lodger in the house of Samuel Porter , and left the prisoner in my room to take care of my child. I went out between four and five the 17th of October in the morning, and came home by eleven, but found neither the prisoner nor the child in the room, and not having the key in my pocket was obliged to break open the door, where I found my poker and a hammer lying by the box in which were my effects ; the lock was broke, out of which I lost two guineas and a half in gold, one gold ring, a pair of silver buttons, and a silk handkerchief. My wife went out about six o'clock and locked the box. I had these things in my own hands over night. When the prisoner was in the Roundhouse she owned she pawned the ring and buttons for 14 s. to Mr. Harrison before me and some others, and that she spent the money. The handkerchief was taken upon her, which she owned she took, and that she took them out of the box. I went to Mr. Harrison and found the ring and buttons by her directions.

George Harrison . The prosecutor came to my house and asked if I had a ring and a pair of buttons pledged in the name of Fox for 14 s. which I found to be so; ( produced in court) they were in the name of Ann Fox . Mr. Fielding asked her, how she came to do such a thing; she said she believed the Devil possessed her: My servant took them in: I never saw the prisoner till before the Justice.

George Johnson . I was Constable: I took her and brought her to the Round-house; there she owned taking the gold ring and buttons, and that they were at Mr. Harrison's, and that she had taken and spent the money.

Q. Did she mention the sum ?

Johnson. She did not. A handkerchief I found upon her. (The rings, buttons, and handkerchief produced in court, and deposed to by the prosecutor.) There were the Prosecutor's and Wife's initial letters of their names in the ring and on the buttons, S Q P. I fetched Harrison to Mr. Fielding's, and he brought the ring and buttons.

Sarah Quin . I am wife to the prosecutor: I went out at six in the morning, and had locked the chest, and had the key in my pocket: I left in the chest two guineas and an half in gold, the ring, and buttons. (She deposed to the ring and buttons.) I left the prisoner and my child, about three years old, in the room: I returned between ten and eleven, the door was lock'd, we broke it open, the window was blinded up, that none might see what had been done within : The money and things were missing : I heard the prisoner own, in the Roundhouse, that she took the things mentioned.

Q. What was the whole of the money you missed out of the chest?

Sarah Quin . There were sixteen shillings in silver and a guinea and an half in gold missing, which is all there were.

Samuel Porter . I live in Newtoner's-Lane : I have a house there: The prosecutor and his wife rent a room of me: I heard the prisoner own she had taken and pawned the ring and buttons: At first she own'd taking no more than sixteen shillings; they asked her where it was; she said it was d - d. This was in the Roundhouse; the silk handkerchief was about her neck, and the constable offering to take it, she made an attempt to hide it.

Prisoner's Defence.

I was a hired servant to them for half a guinea for half a year. I went to demand my wages when my time was up, and he said, if I did not hold my tongue, he'd lay me fast in Newgate.

For the Prisoner.

Elizabeth Garret . I am a milkwoman; the prisoner served me about two years and a half ago, but I never knew any harm of her. I have not seen her a great while since.

Margaret Conner . I have known her three years, but never heard any thing ill of her before this.

Elizabeth Hodges . I have known her about a year, but never heard any ill of her; she worked hard for her bread.

Christopher Fox . I am her own father, but have nothing to say in her behalf in this affair. I never heard her character stained before this.

Guilty Death . She was recommended to mercy .

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