Robert Winrow.
25th June 1752
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379. (M.) Robert Winrow otherwise Winree was indicted for forging a certain false and counterfeit deed, purporting to be a bill of sale, and for publishing it knowing it to be forged, with intent to defraud , Dec. 28 . ||

William Hewit . I am a clerk in the comptroller's office in the navy. He produces a book.

Q. What book is that?

Hewit. It contains the list of the names of all the pensioners to the chest at Chatham that have annual pensions to Lady day 50; it is the book for the year 49. He looks and finds Robert Williams , he reads, annual pensions for hurts received in the victory, 6 l. a year; here is four quarters due at Lady day 50.

John Asque . He has two papers put into his hand, one is the deed. I saw him sign this deed, and I witnessed it, and saw him receive four guineas and a half instead of 6 l. and saw him acknowledge it as his act and deed. As to the other paper, the ticket, I can't swear this is it which he produced, I know he produced one at that time.

The bill of sale read to this Purport.

To all people to whom these presents shall come, that I Robert Williams , pensioner to the chest at Chatham, at the yearly pension of 6 l. per year, for damages received on board his Majesty's ship the Victory, June 11th, 41. do send greeting. The rest in the common form.

Giving Anthony Underwood full power and authority to receive the sum of 6 l. from the chest at Chatham.

Concluding witness my hand and seal, Robert Williams .

Sealed and delivered in the presence of us, Thomas Williams , John Asque .

Q. from the Prisoner. How much money did I receive?

Asque. To the best of my knowledge four guineas and a half.

Q. from the prisoner. How much had you out of it?

Asque. I had a guinea out of it, and half a crown I lent you to take the ticket out of pawn.

Anthony Underwood . The prisoner is the very man that came to me by the name of Robert Williams , about selling a-year's pension from the chest at Chatham, 61. per year, I think it was the 28th of December 1749. He produced the ticket, and I paid him one year's pay for this, for which he gave me that bill of sale, which has been read.

Q. What did you give him for it?

Underwood. He had neat money of me, 4 guineas and a half, I paid for the papers, &c.

John Pointer . I was boatswain on board his Majesty's ship the Victory. I remember one. Robert Williams on board her; I remember his receiving a hurt on Board. I signed a smart ticket for him to entitle him to a pension from the chest at Chatham.

Q. Is the prisoner the man?

Pointer. No, he is not I am well assured of that.

Q. What age was Robert Williams ?

Pointer. He was, I believe, between 40 and 50 (the prisoner might be about 30.)

Prisoner. I don't know that witness.

Joseph Winree . I have known the prisoner these twenty years, his name is Richard Winrow, his father and my father were first cousins, I married the widow to Robert Williams , who had been at sea on board the Victory. The prisoner came to us about three years ago, about three or four days before last Christmas, and said he would get my wife the money upon the ticket. She delivered it to him.

Q. When did Robert Williams die ?

Winree. He died last Whitsuntide was three years, as I have been informed, I never knew him.

Q. How long have you been married to the widow?

Winree. I have been married three years.

Hannah Winree . I know the prisoner, his name is Richard Winnow , I delivered him a ticket last Christmas was three years, to get three quarters money due to my former husband. My husband died the Whitson week before; I never saw the prisoner after till now. The ticket is shown to her. This is the very ticket. I never received a farthing of the money.

Thomas Cooper . I remember one Robert Williams on board the Victory, I was on board her, the prisoner is not that man, he was between 40 or 50 years of age, and a great deal bigger and a little taller than the prisoner.

Prisoner's Defence.

I have nothing to say any farther than that I sold the ticket to Mr. Underwood, and he gave me 4 l. 10 s. for it, and Asque had a guinea of it.

Guilty Death .

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