George Hall, George Basset, Theft > burglary, 8th April 1752.

Reference Number: t17520408-43
Offence: Theft > burglary
Verdict: Guilty
Punishment: Death
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255, 256. (M.) George Hall , and George Basset , were indicted for that they on the 6th of April , between the hours of one and two in the night, the dwelling house of Samuel Sumpshon did break and enter, and forty-six handkerchiefs, value 7 l. did steal, &c . April 6. ++

Samuel Sumpshon . I live in Chiswell-street , am a leather-clog maker ; my wife does business in the shop, which was broke open, April 6th; I did not know of it till a quarter before five the Tuesday morning; I fastened the house and shop over night, about ten o'clock, every thing was safe when I went to bed; I was alarm'd by three men, viz. Brebrook, Maryot, and Revington, who call'd me by my name. I ran down stairs, I missed the handkerchiefs that I am possitive were lying in the window that night, of which my wife will give a better account; I found a hole in the glass and in the window-shutter, they had got some handkerchiefs tied up in a bundle, they had the prisoners there; then they ordered me to appear at Justice Withers's at ten o'clock, my wife did not get up till after they were gone: I went accordingly to the Justice, the prisoners were there, they did not deny the robbery, but both owned they took the things, and that it was dark at the time, and all that they had taken, the men had that took them, but it being dark, they could not tell the colours.

Elizabeth Sumpshon . I am wife to the prosecutor; I am very certain all the handkrechiefs were safe, lying in the window near the street, forty six in all, and the shop too, over night at 10 o'clock, I saw them so myself, the handkerchiefs were in parcels, in one twelve, in another eight, another seven, &c. I can't tell how many parcels : I having a young child, did not get up when my husband did, I got up between six and seven; I found the window-shutter with a hole in it, likewise the glass, and the handkerchiefs all gone; the men came to our house again between eight and nine, and brought some handkerchiefs, I said I knew them, and could tell the number of them within one or two; before the Justice I asked him leave to ask the prisoners one question, which I did, I asked them, when you took the handkerchiefs out, there were two parcels of yellow handkerchiefs, do you remember that? one said, I don't remember because it was dark; said I, can you remember how many large parcels there were? Hail said, he did not: said I, this is strange, that out of forty-six, I should have but twenty-five; he said, all we took, they took from us.

James Brebrook . Last monday, Remington, Maryot, and I, all agreed together to watch for George Hall, he having been lately come out of prison, and his wife had got new cloaths; we saw he had a light in his room, it was a lodging-room, in Kingsland Road; we staid in a stable near the place where he must come by, and about the hour of two, the watchman was calling the hour, Hall came by with a bag on his left shoulder, from Shoreditch ward, with the other prisoner, his wife was in bed, and had a light in the chamber, he knock'd at the door, his wife let him in, I had left my shoes in the stable, and followed them up stairs, I heard them whispering, then I went in; I came down again to the other two in the stable, and said, I really believ'd they had got something they had stole, and said, I'll go and break the door open; I went up again, and looked in at the key-hole, I saw a handkerchief lie on a chest of drawers, then I knock'd at the door; Hall said, who is there? I find, it is I; he opened the door, and the handkerchief which I had seen with a bundle in it, was removed away; then I said, I saw you come along with a little fellow, and you had a bag on your shoulder, then Charles Remington came up; I took the candle and looked in the closet, there was the other prisoner; Hall gave a spring down stairs, Maryot was there, and took hold on him, then he call'd out for mercy, and said he was a dead man ; we found the handkerchiefs behind the bed; then Hall told us where he got them: we handcuffed the prisoners together, and they brought us to the prosecutor's house, and shew'd us the hole, and how they got them, then we call'd the people up.

Hall. We have no occasion to deny it, we did the fact: going along, these men said, the people should not have all the handkerchiefs, we'll keep twenty of them for ourselves: we took forty-six handkerchiefs, and they produced but twenty-six.

(The handkerchiefs produced in court, and deposed to by the prosecutor's wife; and that there were twenty missing. )

Thomas Maryot , and Charles Remington , confirm the testimony of Brebrook, and all declare that twenty-six, handkerchiefs were all they found.

Both guilty , Death .

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