Francis Worrell.
16th January 1752
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87. (L.) Francis Worrell , was indicted for stealing one silver snuff box, one gold ring, two linnen shirts, one metal watch chain , the goods of Richard Owen , Dec. 23 . ++

Richard Owen . I belong to the India warehouse ; I took a lodging in Seething-Lane , at the house of Richard Bentley ; the room was so cold I could not stay there above two nights, so I desired my box, with the goods mentioned in the indictment in it, might be left there ; I went to my box on the 23d of December, and found it broke open, and the things mentioned were missing, with other things which I did not put in the indictment. I told the landlord my box was broke open; he told me no body but the prisoner, he, and his wife, went into that room; the prisoner lay in that room. I went to Alderman Chitty for a warrant, and had the prisoner taken up the same

day and brought before him; he was committed and would own nothing ; I desired to know whether the shirt on his back was his or mine, it being mark'd R. O. No. 1. ( produced in court and deposed to.) Going along to the Compter, he confessed where the snuff-box and gold ring were; the snuffbox he had sold for 8 s. at the Golden Cup on Tower-Hill, and the ring to a Silversmith over the way, at the corner of the Minories for 12 s. I never got them again; the woman at the Golden Cup would not own she bought such a thing, nor the man in the Minories the ring. He sent me another shirt, which he said he had left at the washerwoman's, and the mettal watch chain was given at the same time.

John Lepard . I am constable and was sent for; we took the prisoner upon suspicion the day before St. Thomas's Day.

Q. to the Prosecutor. Are you sure it was the 23d of December when you took up the prisoner ?

Prosecutor. I am not certain as to the day.

Lepard continues. Mr. Owen mentioned the things he had lost; we carried him before the Alderman; there he desired the things, but Mr. Owen found one of his shirts on his back; the Alderman ordered him to the Compter; he owned the taking the snuff-box and ring, out of Mr. Owen's box at a public-house, going along, and also to the taking the other shirts.

Prisoner's defence.

I lodged in the house about four or five Weeks ; I came home about ten o'clock; the door stood open from morning to night; threre were two or three other men lodged there besides me; the prosecutor and constable took me up at a public-house; they called for a sheet of paper, and wrote somewhat upon it; they kept me drinking and made me set my hand to what they wrote; I can neither write nor read, I know nothing of the things, neither did I take them.

Q. to the Constable. Was there any sheet of paper sent for, and writing, as the prisoner says?

Constable. There was what he owned on a bit of paper.

Q. Was he sober?

Constable. Upon my word I think he was sober.

Q. to Owen. Was the prisoner sober?

Owen. He was, we had had but two pots of beer at the time that he confessed the taking the things, and where he sold them; he put his hand to it; it is only a memorandum where the things were.

To his character.

Thomas Sherwood . I have known the prisoner almost seven years; he was a lodger of mine almost two years; I took him to be an honest man so far as ever I heard.

Edward Jones . I have known him about six or seven years; he used my shop, behaved very honest, and paid me.

Q. What shop on you keep?

Jones. I keep a chandler's shop.

Jacob Clifford . I have known him near six years; I never heard any thing to the contrary, but that he is a very honest man.

William More . I have known him about five years, I never knew no other of him, but that of a hard-working honest man.

Samuel Belcher . I have known him about a year and half; I keep a shop in Gray's-Inn Lane, and sell pork; he used it, and has been in my apartment; I have much linnen of other peoples, and never lost any thing; I believe him to be an honest man.

Guilty .

[Transportation. See summary.]

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