David Brown, Violent Theft > highway robbery, 11th September 1751.

Reference Number: t17510911-29
Offence: Violent Theft > highway robbery
Verdict: Guilty
Punishment: Death
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500. (L.) David Brown , was indicted, for that he in a certain open place, near the King's high-way, on Daniel Bright did make an assault, putting him in corporal fear, &c. and taking from him 3 s. in money number'd , April 25 . ++

Daniel Bright . On the 25th of April last, about 12 at night, I was returning home from White-chappel, I had got about half way down Houndsditch; I saw two fellows arm in arm: I did not like the looks of them; I crost the way, they walk'd on, till I came to a place call'd Church row; I stood considering with myself, which way I should go; I went through Church row . I no sooner set my foot in there, but I heard them behind me; I went as fast as I cou'd to the door of the Bell-ale-house ; I got upon the 2d Step, one of them came and collar'd me; and clap'd a Pistol to my face: and said D - n you if you speak a word you are dead. The other unbuttoned the wasteband of my breeches,

and put his hand in my pocket, and took out 3 s. then I button'd them again; then he took off my hat, and upon my telling him it was a very old one, he gave it me again; after that the fellow that collar'd me insisted upon bussing me. He put his hand round my neck and did buss me; then he bid me stand still till he was out of sight; I told him I would, he walk'd about 10 or 12 yards from me, and turn'd about with his pistol and said, if I stir'd he would shoot me; there I remain'd till I thought they were quite gone; then I went home. I was very near a lamp, I did not see his face that pick'd my pocket, I saw a good deal of the other's face; I cannot pretend to swear it was the prisoner, but he is exactly the shape, make and voice, of him that collar'd me. I believed him to be the man when I saw him in Justice Fielding's house; I said the same I do now.

Prisoner. He said at the Justice's he was rob'd of 5 s.

Bright. I said five or six shillings: I think still I lost five not knowing what I had in my pocket, but I swore safely to 3 s.

William Holmes . On the twenty fifth of April between 11 and 12 at night, David Brown and I were coming down Houndsditch; we went to Church row; the prosecutor cross'd over and rung at the Bell-ale-house door, we ran to him, David Brown collar'd him, and D - d him and bid him stand; and said he'd blow his brains out if he stir'd. I unbuttoned the wasteband of his breeches, and took out of his pocket 3 s. and took off his hat and wig; he desired I would not take them, saying they were very old; I put them on his head again, and went a little way off; then David Brown turn'd back, and took him round the neck and swore he'd buss him; then he went about 10 or 12 yards, and David Brown turn'd about, and held a pistol towards him, and said if he offer'd to stir, till we were out of sight, he'd blow his brains out. We went through an alley into White-chapple; I was taken by the thief catchers. I told them of this thing, and gave directions, where the prisoner was to be found, and he was taken. I had been acquainted with him but a little while.

Guilty Death .

See No. 336, 145, 146, No. 7 in the Kingston paper of April last.

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