Robert Steel.
11th September 1751
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484. (M.) Robert Steel , was indicted for the wilful murder of ; he also stood charg'd on the corner's inquisition, for the the said murder, August 29 . +

Ann Phipps . I was at the prisoner's house August the 29th, between 2 and 3 o'clock in the afternoon, the prisoner came in, and began to abuse his wife, calling her old whore, and old bitch; she said if he would not be quiet she would go out of the house; she went out, he followed her with a knife in his hand, which he held in his hand two or three minutes before she went out; the door had a hasp and staple, to put a padlock on, he hasp'd it and kept me in; he said God had been very good to him, that he had not done it before now.

Q. Did he mention what?

A. Phipps. He did not, my Lord; this was spoke after he had taken out and open'd his knife: he said he'd rip her up, as she did that fowl; she was drawing a fowl for dinner; she cry'd out, the rogue has stab'd me in the belly; and was fallen down. I shook the hasp off the staple, and got out, she never spoke more. He went into the house and sat down, she was brought in by 2 men, she gave one gasp after she was in. They strip'd her directly, there was a wound in what is call'd the Pope's eye, on the inside the sore part of her thigh, the other stab was in the arm; she had bled all through her cloaths; no doubt this wound was the cause of her death. She flung dirt or a brick bat at him, for hasping the door upon me (I believe) but it did not hit him; she said, you rogue, you want to ravish her, as you did you know who; then he ran to her and stabb'd her; she was my mother's own sister.

Anne Brooks . On the 29th of last August I was going through Brick street, in St. George's , Hanover-square , where the prisoner lived; I saw his wife run out of her house; she turn'd about, and said, she would not run, and the prisoner immediately ran after her with a naked knife in his hand; he stabb'd her in the thigh, and said, there you bitch; she dropped directly, and said, you rogue, you rogue, I am almost gone, call a constable, but I did not see the cut in the arm; I neither saw her strike him, or fling any thing at him; he returned into his own door, and said, she had got the length of it. I saw the wound after she was dead; there was a great deal of blood, and the wound was in that part of the thigh where he struck with the knife. I think that must be the cause of her death.

Elizabeth Bourne . I was coming out to go a milking; I saw the deceased run out of her own house, and the prisoner after her, with a knife in his hand; she cry'd out, murder, murder, the rogue will kill me; she then turned up to the corner of a house, and back again, and threw either a stone or a brick bat at him, but it did not hit him; she said, you rogue, do you want to serve her as you served the other? do you want to ravish her as you did you know who? you rogue, I'll stand my ground, for I'll not stir from you: then he made at her with a knife, and I thought he struck it in her belly, for she fell down, and said, the rogue has killed me, call a constable; he then pull'd the knife from out of her when she was down, and stroked her coats down; then he went by his own window, held up his knife, and said, she had the length of it; he went in at his own door, and said, he would not run away; then I went in, and saw him sitting there. She died where she lay; I saw her after she was dead, and the wound was in the thick part of her thigh, and a stab in her arm. About a week before, as I was going by, I heard him say in his own house, you bitch, this knife shall be your butcher; I know not what it was for. I live the third door from him.

Anne Hughes . I was about three yards from the prisoner when he stabbed his wife in the fore part of her thigh; he said, there you bitch; she fell. and then he pulled down her cloaths; she called out to have a constable, saying, the rogue will murder me. She died in about three minutes after he went into his house with his knife in his hand; for I saw her when she was dead, and the wound was on her left thigh.

Gideon Sort . I am a surgeon, and went two days after this, and opened that part of the thigh; I found the crural artery divided, which was the occasion of her death, for it was a momentary thing; such a wound would have killed any man or woman in five minutes time.

Prisoner. I have nothing at all to say to it.

Guilty .

Death .

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