Thomas Quinn, Jos Dowdell, Thomas Talbot, Violent Theft > highway robbery, 23rd May 1751.

Reference Number: t17510523-17
Offence: Violent Theft > highway robbery
Verdict: Guilty
Punishment: Death
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369, 370, 371 (M.) Thomas Quinn , || Jos Dowdell , || and Thomas Talbot , otherwise Crawford , * were indicted for that they, on the king's highway, on George Rook did make an assault, putting him in corporal fear and danger of his life, one silver watch, value 40 s, two guineas, and twenty shillings in money number'd, from his person and against his will did steal, take, &c . May 12 . *

|| See No 236, 237, in Sir Samuel Pennant's mayoralty.

* See No 22, and 586, in Sir William Calvert 's mayoralty.

George Rook . Last Sunday was sen'night, about one o'clock in the morning, going down James's-street to Covent-garden from Long-acre in a hackney coach, I was stopp'd by some persons, they swore they'd blow my brains out if I did not deliver; it was dark, I could not distinguish how many there were, I delivered my watch and money directly; I imagined my money to be about four pounds gold and silver; as soon as I had delivered it, there came up a man on the other side the coach and asked me for my money, I told him I had delivered it to the man on the other side. One of them who stood at the horse's head, said, why don't you rummage him for his watch, said I, he has got my watch and money too: when I delivered my money, I said to the person, give me a shilling to pay my coach hire, which he accordingly did, saying, now you may drive on, I know not who they were.

Thomas Cullin . On the 12th of May the three prisoners at the bar and I went out of an alehouse in Bridges-street to the French-horn, with an intent to go a robbing; we went first up to Long-acre, we saw a coach turning down to St. James's-street going to Covent-garden, we ran up and stopp'd it; I stood at the head of the horses, Dowdell went to one side of the coach, and Quinn and Talbot on the other; I heard Dowdell demand the money, saying, he'd blow their brains out if they did not deliver: he within delivered his money and watch, I desired Dowdell to get the watch; after that Dowdell desired me to come away from the head of the horses, and he ordered the coachman to drive on: then we turned back and went to Long-acre, and so to the house we went out of and shared the money. We sold the watch to Dowdell, the chain belonging to it was a metal one, he gave that to Talbot. I never saw Talbot in my life till Thursday night was fortnight, then Quinn and he came into the French-horn together, Dowdell and I were once shipmates.

Nathaniel Harris . Last Sunday was sen'night I took the prisoner Dowdell in the Strand, upon searching him we found the prosecutor's watch; he had shewed an acquaintance of his a silver and a gold watch, who came and told some of my friends of it, which was the cause we went in pursuit of him. The prosecutors watch produced in court and deposed to. We asked Dowdell where the gold watch was; he said he had robbed a gentleman in the morning, in company with Quinn, Cullin and Talbot, and gave us directions were to find them; we took Cullin at the French-horn on the Sunday night; the next day we took Quinn at a lodging house in Newtoner's-lane ; upon our shewing him the silver watch, he desired to be carried to a justice to be admitted an evidence; he acknowledged the fact and several others, he committed in company with the prisoners and the evidence: he

gave some of my acquaintance an account of Talbot, and he was taken by one Field. When Talbot was before the justice, after Cullin had related that account, he was asked if he had any thing to say; he said no, he thought Cullin had said enough for himself and him too.

Henry Field . Last Tuesday night between ten and eleven o'clock, a man came and asked me if I knew any thing against Talbot, besides returning from transportation; I said, yes; so he took me into Panton-street, where I took him looking into a publick house window; he said he knew he was a dead man, and begged I would not use him ill: I told him there was an evidence against him in Tothill-fields Bridewell, I took him to him, which was Cullin, he was in bed; he looked up and said how do you do Mr. Talbot? Talbot turned about and went out.

The prisoners had nothing to say in their defence.

All three Guilty .

Death .

There were two other indictments against them for street robberies.

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