John Ross, Thomas Procter, Derby Long.
5th December 1750
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36, 37, 38. (M.) John Ross , Thomas Procter , and Derby Long , were indicted for breaking and entering the dwelling house of John Roker , and stealing from thence six gold rings, one gold locket, one chrystal stone seal set in gold, one gold necklace, eight gold beads, five pennyweight of gold, four broken gold ear bobs, two pieces of gold rings, one silver toothpick case, one wooden box, three pair of scales, 32 ounces of brass weights , the goods of John Roker , Nov. 15 . +

Lydia Roker . I am wife to the prosecutor, and live opposite the London Workhouse in Bishopsgate street , On the 15th of Nov. I was going to supper about nine o'clock; I fetched a pint of beer; I came in and locked the door, and hung on the chain; I shut too the door betwixt the room where I was and the shop; after this I heard a noise, but did not know what it was; I supposed indeed it was the chain falling off the hook; at this time I lost the goods mentioned in the indictment, (she mentioned them all over) the brass weights were to weigh gold and silver; they were in a box on the compter in the shop, it had three drawers in it; they took all away together; I got up and found the door open; I shut it, and looked upon the compter and missed this box immediately; I did not miss the till until next day.

Abraham Leblon . I and the prisoners lodged all four at one house in Kingsland Road at one Thomas's; we were coming down Bishopsgate street on Thursday night, the 15th of Nov. John Ross said I might make myself if I would go along with him, saying, his mother used to chare at Mr. Roker's, and he knew how the lock was; then we all came to the door; John Ross shoved his back against it, and it came open a little way; then he put his hand in and took the chain off the hook, and went in; I and the other two stood at the door; he brought out three little

drawers with weights and scales in them; he gave them to me; there were several bits of silver, buttons, and trifling things, and I gave them to Derby Long, and he gave them to Thomas Procter ; then Long and Procter went away with them; I stood still at the door, and John Ross brought out the till, and gave it to me; I took the things out; there were three or four gold rings, a gold seal, several gold beads, several old farthings, and halfpence; I went and laid the till down in an alley, and came back again to the door; when John Ross told me, he had broke a glass in the house; then he brought out some children's toys, made of tin, when I found that, I flung them into the keannel ; then he went to one Minous in Duke's-place, the same night, and sold the silver; I cannot justly say what he sold them for; he would not agree with him for the gold that night, he sold him that the next day ; he told me he got 40 s. in all for them ; he gave one two or three shillings, and another the same, and kept what he pleas'd, for what he had laid out where we went to drink; four or five shillings was the most I had for my share: Procter was taken up the same night. Ross own'd to the prosecutor at the Brown Bear in Bow-street, that he sold the things for 40 s.

Thomas Dean . I live in Kingsland-road, I lodge at the same house; I heard a quarrel between two of the prisoners, Long, Ross, and the last witness, about some gold they had got; charging each other with stealing it from one another; at last they found it hid under the bed; I saw it, they had it in a paper; there was a gold seal, four or five gold rings, a gold locket, and some other odd pieces of gold.

Q. What is your business in that house?

Dean. I attend in the house, to light people to bed.

Q. What sort of a house is this?

Dean. It is a lodging house.

Q. How many beds are there?

Dean. We have about 43 beds.

Q. Whereabouts is this house in Kingsland Road?

Dean. It is next door to the Spread Eagle.

- Rogers. I am a Watchman; on the 15th of November last, about a quarter after 9 o'clock, I was fastening the back part of the houses where I watch, and I found this till; it was set behind a gate in Dunning's Alley, Bishopsgate-street; I left it in the neighbourhood till next night; and then when I came, they told me, they had found the owner for the till and things, by the direction of a paper in the drawer.

Ross's Defence I am not guilty.

Procter's Defence. I know nothing of that man, (meaning Leblon.)

Long's Defence. We are as innocent as the child unborn.

All three Guilty .

Death .

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