George Taylor, George Loyd, Moses otherwise, Theft > burglary, 12th September 1750.

Reference Number: t17500912-67
Offence: Theft > burglary
Verdict: Guilty
Punishment: Death
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582, 583, 584. George Taylor , George Loyd , and Moses otherwise Boses Wright , were indicted for that they, on the 27th of May about the hour of three in the morning, the house of Brian Bird did break and enter, 6 shifts, 5 shirts, 2 pair of pillow cases, 2 frocks, a petticoat, 3 pair of stockings, 3 damask napkins, 5 aprons, 1 table cloth, in the dwelling house of the said Brian, did steal, take and carry away .

Brian Bird . I am a baker , and live in Coldbath fields . My house was broken open the 27th of May. I went to bed betwixt ten and eleven over night, all things were fast then. We heard nothing of it till my servant got up, betwixt six and seven in the morning. Then we found a hole made, by taking out about six bricks, close to the frme of the door, and my drawers strip'd of most of my linen. The servant maid can give a better account of the particulars. The other evidence, Elizabeth Cross , came to me and mentioned all the things I lost.

Elizabeth Cross . My husband used to go out with these young men. On the 26th of May, my husband happened to be a little fuddled. We lived in Bell-yard, Chick lane. He would not go out with them. Between three and four the next morning they knock'd at the door, and my husband let them in; then George Taylor said, you dog, you would not go with us. I saw him take the linen out of a pillow bear, this apron was left in my drawers. Holding a baker's white apron in her hand, which the prosecutor deposed to. My husband said, let me be never so wicked myself, you shall not come into any trouble; and bid me go and pawn it, which I did, for six pence. On the Monday morning they carried the goods, which were shirts and shifts, and a child's frock all iron'd up well, to Duke's place and sold them.

Q. Did they say where they got this linen?

E. Cross. They said they had been into Coldbath-fields, and had broke open a baker's shop, they all three said so. I gave this information to a man who fetched the apron out of pawn by my directions. I was willing to clear myself, as my husband is transported, so I desired that person to tell the prosecutor

Sarah Denham I am servant to Mr. Bird. I miss'd this linen the 27th of May in the morning. I went to bed on the Saturday night about twelve o'clock, and got up between six and seven in the morning. I found the chairs displaced, which stood against the wall, and a hole broke in the wall close by the door in the kitchen; the drawers were open, and I found three or four shirts gone; five shifts, two frocks, and one white apron, which we had been ironing on the Friday night, were also gone.

Taylor's defence. I know nothing of it.

Loyd's defence. I am very innocent of the thing I am brought here for.

Wright's defence. I don't know that woman that swears against me.

All guilty .

Death .

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