William Smith, Deception > forgery, 12th September 1750.

Reference Number: t17500912-1
Offence: Deception > forgery
Verdict: Guilty > pleaded guilty
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501. William Smith , was indicted for forging a bill of exchange for 45 l. for value received of Thomas Wicks , and also an acquittance to it . He pleaded guilty : Being ask'd by the court if he knew the consequence of his so pleading, he answered he did, and added, My Lord, I am unhappy enough to stand here, indicted for a fact which my prosecutor can so easily prove against me, therefore from a consciousness of it, and to prevent giving the court any unnecessary trouble. I do confess my guilt, and submissively rely on the favour of the court to intercede for my life. - My Lord, I have thus much to say in alleviation of my crime, that this is the first time I ever appear'd before a court of Justice in an ignominious manner; that a case of necessity urged me to commit the fact I am charged with, and that my heart is full of sorrow and contrition for it. If therefore your Lordship, or Mr. Recorder, will be pleased to report me in this favourable light to his Majesty, or the Lords in power, it will, I hope, be the happy means of inducing them to extend their clemency towards me; but if I am so unfortunate as not to be thought an object worthy their compassion, I trust that the Lord of Heaven and Earth will have mercy on my soul.

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