Andrew Carey, Job Savage.
25th April 1750
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294, 295. Andrew Carey , and Job Savage , were indicted, for that they on the king's highway, on Richard Goldington did make an assault, putting him in bodily fear and danger of his life, seven guineas and one shilling in money numbered, against the will of the said Richard, did steal, take, and carry away , Apr. 16 .

Richard Goldington . I am a Victualler , and live at Hendon, and was going to Barnet to pay the king's duty. On the 16th of April, about ten in the morning, these two men came and took hold of my bridle, near a wood, at a place called Holder's hill ; one got on one side, the other on the other; they said they wanted my Money; I said I had no money; then Job Savage pull'd out a pistol, and held it to my head, and said he would blow my brains out. I gave to Carey two guineas; they asked for more, and I gave the other five to Savage, which was all I had about me. They asked me if I had no silver, I said only about a shilling or 18 d. and hoped they would not take all I had. They took out a cord to bind me, but they did not do that. We rais'd the country, and took them in about an hour's time.

John Joyce . I saw two men along with the prosecutor, but could not tell what they were doing; I was within a stone's throw of them. After that I saw them run into the wood. The Prosecutor came back, and said he had been robbed, &c. Then we went after the prisoners as soon as we could get company sufficient, and took them; they had both of them past me before they robb'd the prosecutor, and Job Savage said, How do you do, ockey ?

Joseph Love . I took Carey in a place called Group-Lane; the other was taken, and we carried them to the prosecutor's house; we did not search them till we came there. They had dropp'd in the house a bag of leaden square balls, and some gun-powder; we also found a pistol charged with slugs under the place where Savage had sat, but they had at that time taken him into another room to search him. There were five guineas and one shilling taken from Savage.

Prosecutor. I can swear to the pistol, as well as to the men, having good sight of it when they robbed me also of my silver. I gave Savage one shilling.

Thomas Ederidge , the constable, confirmed the Testimony of Joseph Love .

James Love . I took two guineas out of Savage's mouth; he had got them in a chew of Tobacco in his mouth, and I hooked them out with a mohock knife.

Savage's Defence. We came out that day about four in the morning to seek after labouring work; this Money we brought out with us. This young fellow (meaning Carey) designed to buy a pig, but on returning we were taken up on suspicion of a robbery, and searched. They took five guineas and a shilling from him, and I was a little in liquor, so I put my two guineas in my mouth, and they took it out. We have witness to shew how we came to have that money about us.

Lidia Smith. I live in Ratcliff-highway, and the prisoner Carey lodges in one of my rooms; I saw him that morning take five guineas and a shilling out of his trunk; he was going out, and said he would buy a little pig and bring with him, when he came home.

Elizabeth Savage . The prisoner Savage is my husband's brother, I gave him two guineas and three shillings last monday was a week; it was his own, I kept it for him.

Both guilty , Death .

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