John Giddis, Henry Smith, John Beesley, Violent Theft > highway robbery, 25th April 1750.

Reference Number: t17500425-37
Offence: Violent Theft > highway robbery
Verdict: Guilty; Not Guilty
Punishment: Death
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333. 334. 335. John Giddis , Henry Smith , John Beesley , were indicted, for that they, in a certain field, or open place near the king's highway, on William Hudd , did make an assault, putting him in corporal fear and danger of his life, two-pence half-penny in money numbered, from his person, did steal, take, and carry away , Apr. 11 .

William Hudd . I am a Sawyer , I was coming home from work; I work for Mr. Walker, a Coach-maker in Long-acre : I had been sawing at Aberstock-fields, betwixt the half-way house and Pancras-church : John Giddis , took hold of me with his left hand on my shoulder, and said, if I moved or stir'd he'd blow my brains out; the other young man Smith unbuttoned my breeches, and searched all my pockets: I had but two-pence half penny about me; Giddis said take him out below, meaning my buckles; I said they were but white metal, they took them out of my shoes, and gave me them again; Beesley was a distance off, he never spoke to me: then they went away, and said, they would blow my brains out if I turned after them. Here is a man that saw the thing done, he came running to me; are you come, said I, to rob me again ; No, said he, I'll pursue them if you'll follow me. (The prosecutor is a stout man but lame) which he did, they were never out of fight till they were taken.

Hen. James. Thomas Phipps and I had been a ditching just by the Brill, and coming home we saw the three prisoners coming along together ; he said to me, I believe they are the men that robb'd the Carpenter the other night; one of them went up the lane and whistled to the other; he came over to them; then they sat down for

about a minute, and then they got up and went along, and met a man and a woman, I believe the woman asked them the way, for I saw them point, &c. then we thought they were robbing the man; said I, I'll go and assist the man; said my partner, do not, they'll blow your brains out; before I got very near them they were gone, so the prosecutor was coming away unconcerned; said he are you coming to rob me again, adding I am man enough for you. I said, what have they taken from you; he said, two-pence half-penny ; said I, I'll go in pursuit of them; and he agreed to go with us. We went and took two of them at Mother Black Caps, and the third ran away; how he was took, I do not know.

Prosecutor. When they had robbed me, they went all away together.

Thomas Phipps confirmed his testimony.

Giddis and Smith, Guilty , Death ;

Beesley Acquitted .

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