John Stanton, William Russel, Edward Busby, Peter Oldfield.
28th February 1750
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213, 214, 215, 216. John Stanton , William Russel , Edward Busby and Peter Oldfield , were indicted for that they on the King's high way, on Charles Steward esq; did make an assault, putting him the said Charles in bodily fear and danger of his life, one gold watch value 10 l. the goods of the said Charles, did steal, take and carry away , Feb. 13th .

Charles Steward . I was robb'd near Burlington Gardens of my gold watch with three seals to it, on Tuesday was fortnight, by four men, about half an hour past one in the morning, it was very dark, one of the seals had my arms cut in a stone set in gold, another little cornelian stone set in gold, the watch was taken upon the prisoner.

William Jones . On the 14th of Feb. in the morning, John Burry , and I, and Mr. Wittingbury, and three men more, went to apprehend Stanton the prisoner; when we came to the house we were directed to, we went up two pair of stairs and broke open the door, when we came into the room there was Stanton upon the table in his shirt, with an intent to get out at the window, but Mr. Wittingbury took hold of him; I saw the gold watch lying upon the bed, I took it, it was swore to before justice Fielding by the prosecutor.

Stanton ask'd Mr. Wittingbury to be his friend, which was to get him to be accepted an evidence, &c. adding he would tell him were more of his company was, if he would, Mr. Wittingbury said he would do what was in his power, and asked him if there were any of them near, that we might take them immediately, he told us there were two more in the next room ; we found the door fastened, so we surrounded the house, Busby strove to get up the chimney, after the house was surrounded we broke open the chamber door, there we found him and Peter Oldfield , we found a brace of pistols under the bed, one of them was loaded with a brace of slugs, then we took them to Clarkenwell Bridewell ; Stanton took a pistol out of his pocket and gave it to Mr. Wittingbury, and we found a sword under his bed, with which he own'd he had robb'd a gentleman that night, then Stanton told us of Russel the coachman, who lodged some where in Hockley in the hole, but did not rightly know the place, and said Russel was to come to him about 10 o'clock that fore-noon to sell the watch, so three of us went to the house were we took Stanton in Alien-street, and three staid in St. John-street, they saw him coming and took him, and took a brace of pistols from him, all the five pistols were loaded, some with bullets and one with slugs. Russel gave us an account of two or three coachmen, who had been concern'd with him, he wanted to be admitted an evidence; on the same day we carried them before justice Fielding, and they all confess'd, and I believe sign'd their confessions.

William Hain . Stanton was in an information and likewise where to be found, &c. we went to the room door and looked thro' the key hole, and I saw his coat in the room, then we burst open the door, there was he in his shirt on the table, in order to get out at the window, he went on and confirm'd swhat was deposed by the former Witness.

John Wittingbury and Thomas Ind confirmed the same; Joshua Brogdon clark to justice Fielding produc'd each prisoners confession, which was made voluntary, and sign'd by each prisoner, giving a particular account of the robbery.

All four guilty .

Death .

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