Edward Dempsey, Patrick Dempsey.
9th December 1749
Reference Numbert17491209-21

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22. 23. Edward Dempsey , and Patrick Dempsey , were indicted for that they on the king's-highway, upon Thomas Brown did make an assault, putting him in corporal fear, and danger of his life, and took from him one gold watch, with a gold seal, val. 12 l. one gold ring

set with 8 diamonds, val. 12 l. one linnen handkerchief, one ar, one peruke, and 16 s. in money, numbered the goods of the said Thomas Brown , Oct. 8 .

Thomas Brown . I am a merchant , I live in Lombard Street; on the 3 d of Oct. between 11 and 12 at night; a lady had been at my house; I sent a servant for a hackney coach to see her home; she lived in Prescot street Goodmans Fields; I conducted her safe into her own door, and discharged the coach; and was comming home on foot, the two prisoners (with another not yet taken ) followed me round the corner into the next street, as far as Sir Clifford Phillips's door, than the Prisoner Patrick took hold on my right hand, and pulled me very hard, I tried to disengage my self from him, he said, dont be in such a hurry pray, and catched hold of my collar, upon which the other two men came up to me, one with a hanger, and the other with a pistol, and threatned to blow my brains out, if I made the least noise; Edward Dempsey had the hanger. Immediately they began to rifle me; I made no resistance; they took from me a plain gold watch, with a gold seal, and a diamond ring with 7 or 8 diamonds in it, they took all my silver, my halfpence, and my knife, a linnen handkerchief, my hat and wig, my wig was found upon Edward Dempsey 's head, when he was taken: I have got none of my other things, it was a very fine star-light evening, and near a lamp; I cannot be mistaken in the men; I can describe their particular actions in the robbery; Patrick seems to have the same cloaths now, as he had then; Edward had quite another dress then, then he has now, in the mean time they were risling my pockets, for they had all their hands in by turns, there came a gentleman by that belongs to the Custom-house, who lives in the same street, Patrick and the other not taken, ran away; Edward staid behind, and said, have you got any more; and kept fumbling about my fob, saying, he would blow my brains out, if I did not give him all; I said he had got all, then he took my hat and wig, and handkerchief out of my pocket; and put his hat on my head ? the others were but a little distance; this was all done in a few minutes time; he went away, I called after him and begg'd he would give me my wig again; upon which he came back, and wrapt out an oath, saying, he would blow my brains out, if I came after him, bidding me go the other way, I went as he ordered, but making a stop, he called out to me, saying, will you go forwards or no. Patrick was taken, and carried before Sir Samuel Gore , on the 14th of Nov. where he confess'd he did the robbery, in company with Edward Dempsey and James Rion : I did not see Edward till the 29th, when I saw him in the New Gaol, Surry; I was positive to him at the first sight.

Francis Burne , and Edward Mackever , who took Edward Dempsey , deposed; he had told them before he absconded, that he must hide himself on the account of this robbery; after the watch was advertised, they made search for him, found, and took him.

Both Guilty , Death .

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