Mary Dimer.
6th September 1749
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582. Mary Dimer , was indicted for that she, on the king's highway, upon Cornelius Harris , did make an assault, putting him in corporal fear and danger of his life, one silver watch, val. 3 l. one periwig, the goods of the said Cornelius, did steal, take and carry away .

July 5 .

Cor. Harris. On the 5th of July I was coming from over Tower-hill , in the narrow passage that leads down to East-Smithfield ; the prisoner and a man, (I have heard since his name is Thomas Crawford ) were in that passage, it was dark; the woman took hold of my arm, the man came up on my right side and said, you scoundrel, how dare you touch my wife? Said I, the woman took hold of me; the woman made answer to the man, and said, the gentleman did not take hold of me, I took hold of him, which prevented his taking hold of me; then I walk'd on through the passage, he followed me, and ask'd me were I was going; I told him, to my lodgings, at the Hermitage; the woman was with him, they said, they were going that way, and we shall be company together; as we went through a passage, there was a publick house open, he ask'd me to go in and drink; he took hold of my shoulder, and said, I should go in and drink; I thought they were on some bad design, I did go in, that I might have a view of his Face, so as to know him again, if any ill should come after, for I thought myself in danger; I look'd at each of them wishfully: as soon as the pint of beer came, I walk'd out directly, and desired them to drink it; they followed me in half a minute, the woman walk'd at my left hand, and the man at a little distance from me at my right; when I came to go down the butcher-row, the woman stop'd me, and said you must go no farther; she was a little in liquor, the man was quite sober; he directly struck at me with a stick; I received five blows over my head, before I could clear myself of the woman; I fell upon my right knee, then the woman took my watch out of my fob, and the man from behind me took my wig. My senses remain'd, but I could not cry out, I was so stun'd; as I was thus, I saw a gentlewoman in her shift at a window, she call'd out murder , murder, the gentleman will be kill'd, &c. then they ran away; I got up, and got my back against a wall, and the constable and beadle brought the woman to me; she took the watch out of her bosom, and deliver'd it to the constable, upon my saying I had been robb'd; she made a confession, and said one Thomas Crawford , who had return'd from transportation, was the man with her, saying he led her astray to it, and she was obliged to do it.

William Ditton . I was constable, July the 5th about 12 at night, I said to the beadle, let us go out to see how things are; when we got a little way, we heard the cry stop thief; the prisoner pass'd by us, coming up to the May-pole; hearing a person had been robb'd, said I, by what, a man or woman, the person said by both; said I, the woman we pass'd may be one of them; the woman was gone up in a court, it was no thoroughfare ; we went up it, there was the prisoner at the bar , sat down in the corner, she said she was making water, I said to the beadle, take hold on her arm, I took hold of the other ; we brought her down to the May-pole, there stood captain Harris all bloody, leaning against a bulk; said I to him, do you know this woman ? he said, this is the woman that robb'd me of my watch ; said I, be sure of it, for here is a life depending; I took him and the prisoner both to the watch-house , I told her she must undo her things, for I must search her; she put her hand into her bosom, and gave me the watch, saying, there is the gentleman's watch; it is a remarkable watch, and the captain swore to it.

Richrd Leget the beadle, confirm'd this last witness's account, being with him all the time .

The prosecutor petitioned the court to spare the prisoner's life, saying, he had made inquiry, and found she came of reputable parents , and was drawn away by a bad man .

Guilty , Death .

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