William Cavenagh, Thomas Hazard, Thomas Maynard, Violent Theft > highway robbery, 6th September 1749.

Reference Number: t17490906-71
Offence: Violent Theft > highway robbery
Verdict: Guilty
Punishment: Death
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564, 565 , 566. William Cavenagh , Thomas Hazard , and Thomas Maynard , were indicted for that they, in a certain field, or open place near the King's high-way , upon Alexander Bailey did make an assault, and him the said Alexander Bailey in bodily fear did put, one silver watch, val. 40 s. one brass thimble, and three halfpence in money numbered, from his person did steal , take, and carry away July 19 .

Alexander Bailey . On the 19th of July , a little before 5 o'clock, I was robb'd in Sampson's fields at the bottom of Virginia-street, Ratcliff high-way . Maynard came up and took me by the mouth after Hazard had robb'd me of my watch and forbid me to call out, and he turned out my pockets, and took three halfpence and a thimble; Hazard had a cutlass in his hand and Cavenagh a pistol, they were all three together, they went all away together, and I followed them; and when they were got into the main street I call'd out; then they ran and I after them; the first that was taken was Hazard, then the other two were taken in less than an Hour's time after. The watch was found upon Hazard.

James Gulliland . I am one of the Headboroughs of St. George's parish, Hazard was brought to me about 6 o'clock, I search'd him before Justice Manwaring and I found two watches, one of which the prosecutor swore to, and nam'd the name and number before it was opened, saying, he had been robb'd of it, of a thimble and three half-pence, a little before; Hazard said before the Justice it was the first fact he ever did, and that he was drunk when he did it; he would have made himself an evidence, but he was not admitted.

John Ball . The 19th of July in the morning, about half an hour after 5 o'clock, Cavenagh and Maynard were taken; I laid hold of Cavenagh , and he had this pistol in his hand loaded with two slugs , but he wrenched himself away and snap'd the pistol at me, so some other people pursu'd him and brought him to me; and here is another pistol brought to me, which was taken from Maynard, and he was brought with it; I took them before my Lord Mayor; he ask'd Cavenagh what he had got to say; he said he had but little to say: Maynard said he knew nothing of the matter: when we were going in a coach to the Compter, I said to Cavenagh . I am surpriz'd you should go to destroy an innocent man, who was going to do his country service; he said, damn you, I wish the ball had gone through your body; saying it never fail'd him in his life before: we had a cutlass in the coach , and he said if he had had that cutlass he would have sweated us all, before he would have been taken.

Henry Key . I am turn-key to the Poultry-compter, July the 19th, betwen five and six, Mr. Ball brought in two of these prisoners, Cavenagh and Maynard; Mr. Ball said they were charg'd with robbing a taylor of a watch, a thimble, and three halfpence: I search'd Cavenagh, and found in his right-hand pocket three halfpence and a brass thimble, in his left side-pocket there were three half crowns, one shilling and sixpence; I search'd Maynard and found nothing on him.

Joseph Pain . I was at the taking these two prisoners the 19th of July. Another young man and I were sitting in St. Catherine's, Cavenagh and Maynard came running past us, and a boy came following that is an apprentice to a wheelwright, and ask'd us if we had not seen two sailors pass us; we said yes; he said they were two thieves, so we followed them; they run up St. Catherine's court and came out by the Victualling-office, and run up Queen-street, I followed them close and came up to Maynard, and I desir'd him to stop; he had a pistol in his hand, and I saw him drop it down close by his heel; I took it up the same moment, it was loaded with powder in the pan, then I desir'd him to stop, which he did; Cavenagh turn'd about and said, if you don't let the man go, I'll shoot you through the brains; said I, then I'll have at you; then I clap'd my pistol to his breast, and he and I each snap'd our pistols, but neither of them went off; I had given the other young fellow that was with me charge of Maynard, and having a stick in my hand, I gave Cavenagh a knock on his head, he stagger'd a little, but got from me; I run after him almost to St. Catherine's court, and there two men laid hold of him; I never saw the other prisoner Hazard, till last thursday, who said to me, if you are a brother don't be too hard against them.

William Harris . I was in the king Henry's yard, Nightingale lane, I heard the cry, stop thieves! I run out of the shop, and saw three men run down the yard whom I pursu'd, and Thomas Hazard ran through one alley, and Cavenagh and Maynard through another: I followed Hazard and there I pick'd up this hanger, which I had seen in Hazard's hand before as he ran.

Hazard's Defence. We were not together when

this gentleman was robb'd, the other two were the length of the yard before me; this Cavenagh had been boatswain on board a man of war, he was afraid of meeting any of his ship mates left they should use him ill; and seeing a man that was a midship-man that had u'd him very ill , I heard Cavenagh say to him, was not you midship-man on board such a man of war? he said no; Cavenagh said he would have satisfaction of him for the ills he had done him; the man said, do you want to rob me, and after this I pick'd up the watch just by the bar coming into Artichoak-lane .

Cavenagh's Defence. I met Thomas Hazard who was a ship-mate of mine, we drank some punch together, and he said will you come as far as Wapping to the ship? I went, and being a little disguised in liquor he came with me; we met this taylor , and they had some debate with him, but the man knows I did not say any thing to him; I was not in my senses, nor did I know what I was about, and never saw this Maynard before that time with my eyes.

Maynard said he had nothing to say.

All three Guilty Death .

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