John Graham.
6th September 1749
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558. John Graham , was indicted for that he, on the king's highway, upon Saven Nellson did make an assault , putting him in bodily fear and danger of his life , and taking from his person 3 s. and 1 penny, the monies of the said Saven .

July 19 .

Saven Nellson. The 19th of July, between 11 and 12 o'clock at night, coming over Tower-hill , there came to me three other men, besides the prisoner at the bar, with drawn cutlasses in their hands; they said, if I spoke a word, they would cut me to pieces; while one stood on each side of me, the prisoner at the bar put his hand in my pocket and took my money; they perceiving the watchman coming, three of them ran away. I got hold of the prisoner, and call'd out watch, watch; the watchman came directly; I told him what had been done to me; we took the prisoner to the watch-house; in the morning he was carry'd before the justice, and committed to New Prison.

William Ditchet . I was constable of the night; the prosecutor brought the prisoner to me , and charg'd me with him, saying, he had robb'd him of half a crown and 7 pence, upon Tower-hill.

Richard Leget . I am beadle of the parish; I heard the prosecutor cry out watch, watch, July 19, between 11 and 12, I ran to his assistance, and

he had the prisoner by the shoulder, and I took hold of him on the other side, and we took him to the watch-house; the prosecuter said there were three others just gone away.

Prisoner's Defence. About two days before this affair happen'd, I had my discharge from on board one of his majesty's vessels: I sold my ticket at the Half-way-house, between Greenwich and Woolwich, in order to enter on board any of his majesty's ships. I went and enter'd myself on board the Tyger that same day, and I saw 2 or 3 of my friends in St. Catherine's; I went to Towerhill , to the sign of the Hamburgh Arms, and was there till about 11 o'clock at night; then I went away to a house which I had used before, thinking from thence to go down to the ship, on the morrow morning; coming to this house, it was late; I knock'd at the door, they would not let me in; the while I was talking to them, from the window above, two men, one of them is Wm. Caveragh , and the other is Hazard, said who is here, a friend said I; before the door was opened, they said will they not let you in? said I, I do not know whether they will or no; these two men broke into the house, and made a disturbance, and immediately came the prosecutor; then they fled both of them; then this man seeing me in the house, said, I believe you are one of the men that robb'd me on Tower-hill; said I, you are mistaken, I was not in company with them men, any further than seeing them here.

Q. to the prosecutor. Did you take him in a house?

Prosecutor. No, my lord, I took him where they robb'd me; I was in no house at all.

Guilty , Death .

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