John Alford.
6th September 1749
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550. John Alford , was indicted for that he, in a certain field or open place, near the king's highway, upon Thomas Lillwall , and him the said Thomas in bodily fear and danger of his life, did put, one guinea and 15 d. in monies, number'd, did steal, from the person of the said Thomas .

July 15 .

Thomas Lillwall . On the 15th of July, about 9 in the evening, as I was going from Stepney to Bow , in the field, about half a mile from Stepney, I met the prisoner; I bid him a good night, (we were both on foot), he said nothing to me, but turn'd short about, and got fast hold of my collar; I ask'd him what he wanted, he said money, and your money I'll have; he turn'd up his coat, and took out a bayonet; then he held it pointing to my side, and took from me one guinea, two six-pences and 3 d. in half-pence; he had on when he robb'd me, a green plush coat and a lac'd hat, the sides of his hat put down before; said he, there are more behind, the token is this, if they stop you, you must say, you have got nothing: but I did not meet any body to molest me. Then I went to Benjamin Tribes , at the Three Tuns , and told him I was

robb'd. On Sunday morning, I was describing the person that robb'd me to another acquaintance, one Samuel Jones ; he told me according to the description given, he knew the person very well, but did not know where he liv'd; but he would have me come again in the evening, and he would inquire where the prisoner liv'd, of a person whom he said knew him: I went, and was directed to the prisoner's house, at the sign of the Shoulder of Mutton in the Mint, near George's fields, in Southwark : I took two friends, and went there betwixt 7 and 8 o'clock, I went to the door, and call'd for a pint of two-penny, I saw him in the house; I turn'd round, and said to my companions, that is the man. They would not serve us with any beer; said I, do you both go in, and secure him from going away, while I go for a constable; I went, but the constable refus'd to come without a warrant; I went back to the prisoner's house, I sat down by him, and told him, he was the man that robb'd me the last night; he had a candle in his hand, which he wav'd backwards and forwards before his face, in a sort of a gamming way, saying, look, am I the man that robb'd you, repeating it, &c. I insisted upon his coming along with us, and we three brought him to Maynard the constable's house, and gave him charge of him; then we took him to justice Clark's, who committed him.

Upon his cross examination he made no mistake.

Robert Lester and Benj. Mackings , gave an account of their going with the prosecutor, and taking up the prisoner.

Prisoner's Defence . I was not there, but in my own house, playing a game at cards with my wife, at the time the prosecutor said he was robb'd.

To prove which, he call'd Wm Pope a coachman, who deposed , he was going by his house with his coach, stop'd and went in, and drank part of 3 tankards of beer with one Roberson a diover , the prisoner and his wife, a little after 9 o'clock that night. Roberson deposed the same , who described the house to have 3 or 4 boxes in it; the coachman said, it had but one ; they both said, the prisoner's wife had a printed linen gown on . Mary Tucker , the prisoner's servant, deposed, she was at home all day, and that her mistress had a brown calamanco gown on that day, and Elix. Matterson, a near neighbour, deposed , she had, that day , a flower'd short linen gown on , with other contradictions : all the witnesses were examin'd a part.

Guilty , Death .

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