Thomas Robinson, John Cross.
6th September 1749
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527, 528. Thomas Robinson and John Cross , were indicted for robbing Elizabeth, the wife of John Knot , on the king's highway, of sixpence half penny , July 22 .

Elizabeth Knot . The 22d of July there were three men stopped me in the back lane, over-against St. George's church in the east , about a quarter of an hour after 10 o'clock at night. Robinson seised Henry Thompson , and I was running away, and one Edward Ward said, D - n you, madam , you are not gone, and flung me against a bank. Cross the black came up to me; then Robinson called out help, saying, the son of a bitch would be gone. Cross run back, and struck Thompson several blows, and took his hat and wig and ran away; at the same time the other took six pence half-penny out of my pocket; then they run away and Thompson came to me with a stick in his hand which he took from the black. It was a very moonlight night, and we were within three or four yards of each other. The prisoners owned the fact before the justice.

Henry Thompson and Edward Ward the accomplice deposed the same .

Both guilty , Death .

There was another indictment against the prisoner, for robbing Henry Thompson , but being cast upon this, they were not tried upon that.

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