John Frimley.
7th December 1748
Reference Numbert17481207-23

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23. John Frimley , was indicted for robbing Nathaniel Neal , on the highway, taking from him eight shillings, his property , November 19 .

Nath. Neal. I am drawer at the upper Red-lyon in Hownslow; on Nov. 19. my master sent me on horse-back to town about business, and as I was returning about seven o'clock in the evening, between Brentford and Hounslow , on a place called Smallberry-green , three men on horse-back stop'd me, and two of them put a brace of pistols to my breast, one on one side, the other on the other, and told me, if I did not deliver my money, they would blow my brains out; I gave them eight shillings, then they went away; I turn'd back to a little public house, searing they should lay-wait for me, for they turn'd towards Hounslow; after I had stay'd about a quarter of an hour at this alehouse, the landlord's man got up behind me, and

went about half way over the green with me; when coming home, I heard there was a highwayman taken; I said, I was robbed some little time before; says I, if he is one of the three that robbed me, he is a tall thin man in a blue sailor's jacket.

Q. Describe him.

Neal. The Prisoner at the bar, is one that clap'd a pistol to my breast; it was a moon light night, and he being so near me, I am sure he is the man; he was carried to the White-bear in Hounslow, where I saw him.

Q. How far was it from the place you was robbed to this place ?

Neal. I believe about a quarter of a mile; I went with him to Justice Bulstrode, and swore to him as one of the three.

Thomas Arnold . I am the Gloucester waggoner; as I was going over Smallberry-green coming to London, having some disbanded marines in the waggon, I got on horse-back from out of the waggon, having heard there were thieves on the road; one of the marines lent me a good long hanger; this was about eight o'clock the 19th of November: I called at the great house on Smallberry-green, the gentleman told me, there had been a robbery committed about a quarter of an hour before; he would have had me lain there, but I was for coming on; I took the hanger in my hand drawn, and kept riding along, three men came riding by me a full speed; I said, they are the three men that robbed the man on the Green, the prisoner turned about and flash'd a pistol at me, but it did not go off; he turned short about as I was following him, and I took a chop at him immediately, and cut his left arm, the mark is visible enough.

Jonathan Bailey . I was feeding my horses to give them some water, at the White-bear, and I heard a hollowing behind me, in the lane; the three men came by me, and my master came up to me, and ask'd me, why I did not stop them? I having nothing bu t my whip in my hand could not: the other two men were before, my master got in between and turn'd the Prisoner back again; I went behind the waggon, and laid hold of his horse's bridle, after my master had cut him: the Prisoner put his left hand into his pocket, and pull'd out a pistol, and swore, if I did not loose his horse he would blow my brains out.

Prisoner. He says, and please you, my lord, I put my left hand into my pocket, and took out a pistol; how could I, when my left arm was cut all to pieces ?

Guilty , Death .

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