Sarah Kennigem.
12th October 1748
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+499 Sarah Kennigem , of St. Paul's Shadwell , was indicted for stealing twenty seven guineas, the property of Richard Mawhood , in the dwelling-house of William Bedell , September 22 .

Richard Mawhood . On the 22d of September, I lost 27 guineas.

Q. Where do you live?

Mawhood. I live with my father.

Q. Is he a housekeeper or a lodger?

Mawhood . He lodges in Mr. Bedell's house, and this woman took the money out of a chest of drawers in William Bedell 's house.

Q. Was the chest of drawers locked?

Mawhood. Yes; for I put the money in that very morning, for I had been to receive a little prize money.

Q. What time was this?

Mawhood. About eight o'clock.

Q. Did you go out then?

Mawhood. I went to Tower Hill to receive some prize money, and I went to put more money in, and I missed my money that I had put in before.

Q. Was the chest of drawers open when you came back?

Mawhood. No, it was locked.

Q. Have you recovered any of your money again?

Mawhood. The prisoner returned me 14 guineas again, and said it was the first fact, and hoped I would be favourable to her, and she said she was very sorry for what she had done.

Q. Where did you meet with her?

Mawhood. Between ten and elaven o'clock at night, coming from Goodmans Fields Wells .

Q. Was she c oming back to the house?

Mawhood. No, she would not come back to that house.

Q. Did the prisoner lodge there?

Mawhood. Yes.

Q. Did you promise to be favourable to her?

Mawhood. I told her if she returned me what she took, I would be favourable to her.

Q. Did she tell you what she had done with the money?

Mawhood. She said she could not tell what she had done with it, only what money she had laid out in clothes.

Q. Was the door of the room locked?

Mawhood. Yes; but the key hung upon a nail by the room door, for my father was gone out, and the key of the chest of drawers was in a lower drawer, which was not locked.

Q. How long did the prisoner lodge in the house before that?

Mawhood. About a fortnight or three weeks I believe, I had not been there above a month.

Prisoner. That night he lay with me, and he told me where the key of the chest of drawers was.

Q. Did you ever lie with her?

Mawhood. I never lay with her in my life.

Prisoner. He did indeed, and please you my lord.

Mawhood. I was with her once in Sun-tavern fields, and would have lain with her, but she would not let me. I never did lie with her.

Dorothy Paine . I lodge at Mr. Bedell's.

Q. What do you know of the fact?

Paine. I know nothing of the fact; only I saw the fourteen guineas told to the prosecutor out of the corner of a handkerchief, and she said she took it, and that she was very sorry for what she had done, but she denied it at first; and she said she would give him the clothes, and all the things.

Q. Was she charged with it then?

Paine. She was charged with it over night; and the next day before the Justice, she said, she took the money, and was sorry for what she had done.

Mary Johnson . I live at Mr. Bedell's.

Q. Was you at Goodman's Fields wells ?

Johnson. I was at the door when she was taken, and I saw her deliver to Mr. Mawhood fourteen guineas, three gold rings, a pair of silver shoe-buckles, and a handkerchief.

Q. to Mr. Mawhood. Were these your rings?

Mawhood. No, my Lord; they were bought out of the money.

Q. to Johnson. Did she say what she bought them for?

Johnson. She said she bought them out of the money.

Q. Did she say how she came by the money?

Johnson. She said it was Mr. Mawhood's, and that she took it from him, and was very sorry for what she had done.

Guilty Death .

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