John Armson.
7th September 1748
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422 + John Armson , of Kensington , was indicted for stealing 12 pounds in money, the property of Edmund Wood , in his dwelling-house , July 29 .

Edmund Wood . I keep a publick house at Kensington , and lost 12 pounds, in money, out of my drawers .

Q. How long ago?

Wood. Five weeks last Friday.

Q. Were the drawers lock'd?

Wood. Yes.

Q. When did you miss it?

Wood. My wife missed it on the Saturday.

Jane Wood . I missed this money on the Saturday-morning, about 10 o'clock.

Q. Were the drawers lock'd?

Wood. They were all lock'd.

Q. How did he get it out, then?

Wood. I can't tell.

Tho. Lambert Constable . The prisoner was taken up on the Saturday after the money was lost, and he told me where he had hid part of the money.

Q. Where did he say he hid it?

Lambert. In a place called Love lane near Kensington , and I went with him with a candle and lantern, and he could not find it then, it was so dark; and we went the next day, and saw the mo ney as plain as if it stood upright.

Q. How much was there?

Lambert. There was 9 l. 10 s. all in silver.

Q. Did he confess only that, or that he took more?

Lambert. I can't say.

Q. Where did he say he took it from?

Lambert. He said he took it out of the drawers in Mr. Wood's room.

Q. How did he get it out?

Lambert. As to this particular, I did not ask him .

Q. to Wood . What money was it you lost?

Wood. Almost all queen Anne's money, in silver.

Mr. Evans, I was sent to the prisoner, in order to get him to confess; and he told me he entered the house of Mr. Edmund Wood , and got in at the window of Mr. Wood's bed-chamber; and he said he took a bag out of the house , and put the money in, and hid it in Love-lane by Kensington. I was at the taking him, and he told me he got in at the window.

Q. Did he say how he opened the drawers?

Evans. He said it was a drawer with a spring: and after he had opened it, he clapped it too again, and that was the reason it was found fast as it was left.

Guilty , Death .

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