Thomas Thompson.
7th September 1748
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417. + Thomas Thompson , was indicted for stealing a brown mare of the price of 5 l. the property of William Palmer , July 26th .

William Palmer . The prisoner at the bar deserted from his regiment of Marine s lying in Chichester the 25th of July; he left his own clothes in his room and robbed nine men, and my mare was missing that night, and this marine came to London the night he deserted, and I came to London after him, and I thought I should find my mare in Smithfield-market to be sold; and there I found her in the possession of Barker, the hostler at the White Bear in Basinghall-street . He said he bought the mare of the prisoner; and he said he told the prisoner if he made a good market of the mare, he would give the prisoner two or three shillings more; the prisoner owned the fact in my Lord Mayor's Hall, and desir'd I would beg for transportation for him; and I have sworn it to be my mare, and it is my mare.

Edward Prince . I have nothing to say, but only that I put the mare into the Field at Chichester in Sussex , and the next day about three o'clock in the afternoon the mare was missing.

William Barker . I bought the mare of the prisoner at the bar.

Q. When was this?

Barker. The Wednesday-night following, the 27th of July, and he said he bought the mare in Yorkshire.

Q. Where did you buy it of him?

Barker. At the White Bear in Basinghall-street .

Q. What did you give for the mare?

Barker. I gave 25 s. for her.

William Palmer . He gave but 25 s. for the mare, bridle and saddle, and it was worth 5 l. 10 s. to me.

Q. to Barker. Did you toll her?

Barker. No; I carried her to Smithfield-market the next day, and she was so blind she could not come out of the stable.

Palmer. 'Tis not true.

Q. Did you take the bridle and saddle to market too?

Barker. Yes, but the mare was not sold.

Q. Is the mare delivered to Mr. Palmer ?

Barker. Yes.

Q. Is that the mare you bought of the prisoner?

Barker. Yes.

Prisoner. I bought the mare at a fair at Chichester, and gave three guineas for her.

Guilty Death .

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