George Cock, Theft > grand larceny, Theft > theft from a specified place, 26th May 1748.

Reference Number: t17480526-1
Offences: Theft > grand larceny; Theft > theft from a specified place
Verdicts: Guilty; Guilty
Punishments: Death
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262. + George Cock , of St. Mary Matfellon, otherwise Whitechapel , was indicted for stealing a silver watch, value 30 s. the property of James Jones , May the 19th .

Susanna Jones sworn.

Q. What parish do you live in?

Jones. In Whitechapel parish.

Q. Are you the wife of James Jones ?

Jones. Yes.

Q. Do you know any thing of the losing of a Watch?

Jones. Yes; I lost my husband's watch.

Q. Where is your husband?

Jones . He is abroad.

Q. When did you lose it?

Jones. On the 19th of May.

Q. Who took it?

Jones. George Cock .

Q. How do you know that he took it?

Jones. I did not see him take it; but he did take it. He came with a false message from one Capt. Johnson in Soho-square, about my husband, and I went out of the room to get a little smallbeer, and then he took the watch.

Q. Did he give you the watch again?

Jones. He did not give me the watch again, but he put it down into a great chair, for I missed the watch and seized him.

Q. Where did you seize him?

Jones. I saw him in the street, and seized him, and he was brought back into the house.

Q. Did you see him lay the watch down?

Jones . I saw him take it from under his coat, and lay it down in the chair.

Q. You say he came with a false message from Capt. Johnson: What did you say to him?

Jones. I said, I did not know Capt. Johnson; and he said, nor he neither.

Q. Where was the watch taken from?

Jones. Out of the parlour; it hung up over the chimney-piece.

Prisoner. Did you see me take the watch?

Jones. No.

Ann Williams . I lodge at Mrs. Jones's , and was in the room when the prisoner came in.

Q. Do you know any thing of his taking the watch?

Williams. I had a little suspicion of him, for I thought it was a very frivolous message .

Q. Did you see him take the watch?

Williams. No; but I saw the watch hang over the chimney-piece while he was there, and he went out, and presently I missed the watch, and we seized him, and brought him back.

Q. Did you see him lay the watch down in the great chair?

Williams. Yes.

Q. to Mrs. Jones. Are you sure the watch was not in the great chair before he came in?

Jones. I am sure it was not.

Thomas Shaw for the Prisoner.

Q. What are you?

Shaw. I am a fellowship-porter, and keep a chandler's shop.

Q. What do you know of the prisoner?

Shaw. The prisoner lived with me, and I take him to be a very honest man, for he might have robbed me, or taken my till away, and I could swear he never wronged me.

Q. What is he?

Shaw. He is a gentleman's servant .

Elizabeth Trueman . I have known the prisoner about three years; he lived with a lady in New Bond-street about twelve months, and was a very honest servant at that time, and I never heard any harm of him till now.

Q. What business is he of now?

Trueman. He always said he was a gentleman's servant, but he is out of place now.

Guilty .

263. George Cock , of St. Mary Whitechapel, was a second time indicted for stealing a silver watch, value 3 l. the property of George Stead , in the dwelling-house of Alexander Farm , May the 10th .

Rose Stead, Wife of George Stead , sworn.

Q. Did you lose any thing?

Stead. Yes, I lost my husband's watch.

Q. Where was it when you lost it?

Stead. In a room up two pair of stairs, where I lay sick.

Q. Do you know who took it?

Stead. Yes, the prisoner took it.

Q. How do you know that he took it?

Stead. He came and asked, whether there was not a sailor's wife lived there, and said he had forgot her name? The nurse that was with me, told him, yes, and that her name was Stead; he said he came from Capt. Johnson in Soho-square, who had brought a letter from the West-Indies from her husband.

Q. Did you lose any thing?

Stead. If your lordship pleases, I'll tell you. I was very ill; he said he had not the letter then , but would bring it the next day; he went out, and came back again in half an hour, and said the Capt. will not be easy till he sees you. I said I could not go, for I was so ill that I could not tell what to do; I said I would send somebody with him, and he said it was too late; but I ordered the nurse to go with him.

Q. What time was it?

Stead. About half an hour after eight at night; I got off the bed , and saw the watch hanging up; he sidled up to the chimney-piece, and put one hand up, with his handkerchief in it, to his face, to hide what he was doing, and the other he put up to the watch; he had a sort of bundle in his breast, and I was afraid he had got pistols, and that he would shoot me; then he took the watch, and said your servant madam, and run down stairs.

Q. Had you the watch again?

Stead. No, nor I never saw the prisoner till he went before the Justice.

Q. When was that?

Stead. The day that Mrs. Jones took him.

Prisoner. Did you see the watch in the room while I was there?

Stead . Yes: I went to Newgate to see him, and found him out among the prisoners, tho' he was in disguise: I asked him concerning the watch, but he would not tell me where the watch was.

Prisoner. Had I the same cloaths on then as I have now?

Stead. No; you had a duffle coat, a check'd shirt, and a colour'd handkerchief.

Mary Blundell (the nurse.) The prisoner came and asked for Mrs. Stead.

Q. What passed in the room the first time he went there?

Blundell . I was not there the first time, but I was the second, and my mistress looked at the watch to see what it was o'clock; the watch was there when he was there; I went along with him, and he run away from me.

Q. How came you to go along with him?

Blundell . I was to go to the Captain's, and I went all over Soho-square, and enquired of all the chairmen, and every where, and there was no such person as Capt. Johnson.

Prisoner to Mrs. Stead. Why did not you stop me if you saw me take the watch?

Stead. I was afraid you had pistols.

Prisoner. Did I threaten you?

Stead. No, you did not threaten me, for you run away directly .

Prisoner . I never was at your house.

Q. How came you to ask her, whether you threatned her or not, if you never was at her house ?

Prisoner . Because she said I had a bundle which she thought was pistols.

Guilty of the Indictment.

Death .

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