Judith Butler.
20th April 1748
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191. + Judith Butler , otherwise Archer, otherwise Ogden , of St. Paul's, Covent-Garden , was indicted for stealing twenty eight pounds in money, the property of William Finch , in his dwellinghouse , March 26 .

William Finch . About the 11th of October last I took a publickhouse, and Mr. Crossfield, who lived in the house before, recommended the Prisoner to me for a servant , and I hired her. I frequently missed money, three or four guineas at a time; this caused some uneasiness between me and my wife.

Q. Was the money locked up?

Finch. Always; and no body had the key but my wife or myself. I went into my bedchamber, and opened a box where my money was, and counted it; it was tied up in a green silk purse, there was 20 l. in the little end of the purse, and thirty guineas in the wallet end, and I missed part of the money.

Q. How much did you miss?

Finch. Upwards of twenty pounds.

Q. When did you miss this?

Finch. The 24th of March, or a day or two before. This servant was to have gone away before, but agreed to stay two or three days longer, and on the 23d she went. My wife said, she was sure that Judith had got the money; I said, Judith, I have lost a great deal of money at different times, and I believe you have got it; said she, why do you suspect me? I said, you have had a great deal of money lately, and that is the reason; she said it was remitted to her from Ireland by her uncle, to one Dr. Ryley: I went to Dr. Ryley, and told him I had lost a great deal of money lately, and that I believed the Prisoner had robbed me, and hoped he would endeavour to help me to it: I told him, that the Prisoner said her uncle had sent her some money, and that she said it was remitted to him; he said she was a very wicked woman, for it was false. She was taken the 26th of March, and there was found in a trunk, that was left at Mr. Crossfield's, a great many clothes and things that were superfluous. On the 28th day of the month, when she was in New Prison, she confessed that she had taken out of my box, which was in my bedchamber, at different times, to the amount of twenty eight pounds, and that she opened it with a false key; and there were some of her keys that would open my box better than mine.

Prisoner. Ask him whether he ever saw me wrong him of a farthing in his life?

Finch. No, my Lord, if I had, I would have prevented it.

Prisoner. Did not I behave like an honest servant while I was with you?

Finch. I am afraid not.

Q. How long did she live with you?

Finch. About five months.

Q. Is that all the money you lost?

Finch. No, my Lord, I believe I have lost one hundred pounds.

Mr. Crossfield. The Prisoner lived with me about six months, and I recommended her to Mr. Finch, thinking her to be a very honest woman, and I told her she should be welcome to be at my house, and have her victuals and drink: she left a box at my house, and there were a great many things in it, and some keys were found at my house, and there were some things found in

her box, which I believe she took from me. She said she took at different times out of Mr. Finch's box 28 l. she brought to me 22 s. 6 d. which she said was a present from her uncle, in order to pay her passage to Ireland; she said it was remitted to a gentleman here.

[The money was produced.]

Q. Is that the same money you had of the prisoner?

Crossfield. I cannot say it is exactly the same money.

Q. What was her uncle in Ireland?

Crossfield. She said he was a Romish priest.

Q. When was this money delivered to you?

Crossfield. The day after she came from Mr. Finch. It was observed that it could not be the money that she delivered to me, because that was 22 l. 6 d: and there was in the bag 22 l. 1 s.

Prisoner. Did not I give you three guineas, which I received for wages.

Crossfield. I believe that was the first money I received.

Mr. Rigg. I was present at Kentish Town when the box was opened, and the Prisoner confessed in New-Prison that she took to the amount of 28 l. at different times, out of Mr. Finch's box in his bedchamber.

Michael Ball . I went to New-Prison, and heard the Prisoner confess the taking 28 l. out of her master's box in his bedchamber.

Q. to Mr. Crossfield. I think you say there were some keys found in your house?

Crossfield. There were some keys found.

Q. You do not know who left them there?

Crossfield. I do not; but here is a letter from her, desiring me to deliver the money to Mr. Finch.

Prisoner. How can you say so?

Crossfield. I had it from you, Judith.

James Alcock . I have five guineas of this woman's, which she desired I would keep for her.

Q. When was this?

Alcock. I believe it was some time in January.

Q. Did she tell you who she had it from?

Alcock. I understood she had it from one Dr. Ryley.

Q. Did she tell you so?

Alcock. Yes.

Prisoner. Did I behave honestly or not?

Alcock. I know nothing to the contrary.

Q. What are you?

Alcock. I belong to a publick office, and used that publickhouse where she was servant.

Guilty Death .The jury recommended her to the court, as there was no evidence against her, but her own confession .

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