John Hudson, William Blankflower.
29th April 1747
Reference Numbert17470429-30
VerdictNot Guilty; Guilty

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210, 211. John Hudson and William Blankflower , were indicted for breaking and entering the Dwelling-House of Joseph Hurst , and stealing from thence one Tin Cannister , with 46 Pounds Weight of Tea, the Property of the said Joseph Hurst , about 10 in the Night , April 3 .

Joseph Hurst . My Lord, on the third Instant, about ten o'Clock at Night, I went up Stairs out of the Shop, and came down in three or four Minutes, and I missed two Cannisters out of my Shop, but I immediately pursued them, and in the Neighbourhood I found one Cannister again, but one that they carried off contained about forty Pound.

Q. Where did you find the other Cannister ?

Hurst. About four Yards from my House.

Q. Where is your House?

Hurst. In Lemon-street, Goodmans-fields , one of the Cannisters had forty or fifty Pound Weight in it; the next Day I had a Search-Warrant, to search some Houses we had a Suspicion of; the People gave me an Account that Moses Holloway , and the Prisoner at the Bar, were likely Persons, so I apprehended them; this Witness can tell further about it.

Q. What Time was this Robbery?

Hurst. It was about ten o'Clock at Night.

Q. How long did you stay up Stairs?

Hurst. I believe I was not gone four Minutes, my Lord, I missed them as soon as I came down Stairs ; I saw the Door was open, and I missed the Cannisters immediately.

Moses Holloway . John Hudson and I went down Lemon-street, and he hoisted up the Latch of the Door, and took out a large Tin Cannister of Tea, it was a sashed Door; there was a Glass Sash Door, only the Glass Door was shut too .

Q. How far was you off when Hudson did it?

Holloway. I was at Top of the Threshold of the Door, I saw Hudson take the Cannister of Tea.

Q. What did he do to get into the Shop?

Holloway. He hoisted up the Latch of the Door, it was a Thumb-Latch; when he had hoisted up the Latch, he went in and took a large Cannister of Tea, I waited for it, I took the Cannister of Tea of him.

Q. Where did the Cannisters stand?

Holloway. They stood by the Compter in the Shop, I can't say to two, but one he delivered to me, and I carried it into Church-lane by Rag-fair, and delivered it to Blankflower.

Q. How far was that off the House of Joseph Hurst ?

Holloway. It was two or three Streets.

Court. So you delivered it to Blankflower?

Holloway. Yes, and he carried it into one George Wood's Yard, and there he poured it into an Apron and a Sheet; I was there and held up one of the Corners .

Q. Where was Hudson?

Holloway. Hudson was there too; then we took and carried it into Petticoat-square, and we sold it to one Alvarez, a Jew.

Q. What did you sell it for?

Holloway . We sold it for 5 l. and the Money was shared between Hudson and myself, and Blankflower had 18 d. of it.

Q. How came Blankflower to have so little a Share?

Holloway. If he had carried the Cannister away to hide any where, we should have paid him for it; he had 18 d. and Part of 2 s. worth of Punch.

Q. Where did you meet with Blankflower ?

Holloway . In Church-lane near Rag-fair , at a Distiller's , where we use to frequent to and fro.

Q. Did you see any body at Hurst's House ?

Holloway . I saw a Man go up Stairs with a Candle , I can't say it was Mr Hurst; Mr Hurst said he lost two Cannisters ; he told me he had got one, but that I did not see.

Q. These were large Cannisters, how did you carry them?

Holloway. I flung away the Top, and carried it as well as I could.

Q. Had you any great Coat?

Holloway. No, I carried it open, it was dark.

Q. to Holloway by Hudson, the Prisoner. Was the Latch within Side, or without Side?

Holloway. Without Side.

Thomas Beck . I latched the Door two Minutes before this Accident happened; the Door is latched without Side, that a Customer without Side may raise it with their Fingers.

Q. When was it you saw the Door latched?

Beck. It was about ten o'Clock at Night; it was about two Minutes before the Things were lost, according to the Account the Prosecutor gives.

Court to Blankflower. Now is the Time to make your Defence.

Blankflower. Holloway asked me if I would earn 6 d. I was to hold this Cannister for him; then he said if I would carry it a little farther, he would give me a Shilling more; now, says he, if you will not carry the Cannister away, I will give you nothing ; so I carried it away after I had emptied the Tea into a Woman's Lap.

Hudson, the Prisoner, had nothing to say in his Defence.

Blankflower acquitted , John Hudson guilty , Death .

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